Just change the game rating to E at this point

What would that stand for?

/spit on this thread stop /moan and get a /grip


In China they can’t show undead bones, it’s too violent.

They can’t go E unless they remove the killing from the game.

I can see it now, WoW will become like the woodland creature Christmas. Blood and gore, but in a happy voice…

Ah, okay. Different posts on twitter are reporting this differently. I had to go find the actual blue post.

Doesn’t seem terrible. I will miss farting on my raid leader. But I haven’t raided in some time anyway.

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Or one overzealous Night Elf…

Woke of course lol


Man im really trying to keep playing this game. But its just catering to the type of people I hate the most now.


Please quit, Aru.

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It’s catering to people who don’t like gross teenagers? I don’t see the big deal, at all. Nothing on this list of “changes” matter if you’re even slightly mature.

If you find yourself in the commonplace life or death situation where you MUST spit or fart on someone, I’m pretty sure /me followed by your devastating attack will still work fine.


Too much killing and stealing in WoW. We should get XP and gold for creating dialogue and making friends with hostile mobs.


too much cancel culture and woke narratives they need to censor everything is disgusting. goldshire will be pretty boring as hell now with half of its rp emotes removed because of this inclusion garbage


Kids will be mad, what’s new?

Idk def turning into something different, though can you imagine movies like shrek/minions/ or almost any pixar movie with out innuendoes ?

Not to mention all the little easter eggs to irl/pop culture that are probably on the choping block next. and God help the people trying to add them in the future probably going to have to go through a 7 step HR process to get approved :frowning:

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Told you guys ages ago that the woke crowd would ruin videogames just like they did movies, comic books and card games.

People didn’t listen. They laughed at the term “SJW” and pretended it wasn’t a real problem.

Look where we are now.

Theres no going back to the golden age of videogames. All you are going to get now is remakes of games, obvious money grabs and more and more performative wokeness.

Hope you enjoy it, you asked for it.


lmao what

Ah yes, it is quite terrifying. Don’t know how anyone can sleep at night, knowing that a portrait in the corner of two or three virtual manors was changed.

What the hell does “woke” even mean anymore? Folks have stretched the term so much that there isn’t a single thing out there that isn’t “woke” by some degree.

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All kill quests to be replaced with talk nicely and convince them to stop being a pest.

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If you don’t even understand what woke means(either out of stupidity or pretending not to know what it means) then theres no point discussing it with you.

I means snowflake logic. Ya know, that logic that far too many people use that get offended by the least little thing that usually doesn’t mean what they took it to mean. /spit

Semper Fi! :us:

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