Joyous Journeys needs to stay

As per the recent interview with MrGM, ScotteJay, and Kris Zierhut they asked a question in regards to the Joyous Journeys buff and if it would return.

All 3 parties in the interview expressed how much they enjoyed the Joyous Journeys buff and that it brought a lot of players back to the levelling process and how it felt good with the increase.

With that being said, why would they remove the Joyous Journeys buff for players still levelling when wrath comes out? It should stay and be removed once you hit level 70, no reason to remove it other than to bring it back in the future and go “Hey come back!”


Agreed! Great feature to keep for those wanting to level alts to 70, even during WotLK!


I guess they plan to bring it back time to time like a sort of event.

It’s not a bad idea because players will make more alts during a limited period of time, meaning more players leveling at the same time.

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bump please do this


I easily skipped all the leveling zones I dislike, it felt so “choose-your-adventure”. Would be great.


Asking for a +50% xp boost to remain all the time is ridiculous - no.


Why would that be, especially when you have one of the devs saying how good it feels?

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The thing is, even with a 50% buff, WoW Classic is EXTREMELY time consuming. A limited time event doesn’t make sense, all it does is make leveling feel terrible once the buff goes away.

Personally, the XP buff got me into WoW Classic again, but short window of time I had to level made me quit again, because it’s against the spirit of WoW Classic. If I wanted FOMO and GOGOGO I’d be playing retail instead.


+1 for permanent 1-70 +50% XP buff

Even with the +50% buff it still took me as a new player to classic but a wotlk OG over 3 days /played to hit 70

I dread to think how long I’d have been levelling without.

It doesn’t trivialise the levelling experience, it just would make it more accessible to those who want to try classic…

The prospect of 4/5/6 days /played to hit cap for those new to classic is a big barrier to entry


How does that hurt the game? It’s fine to be in the game until 70.


first time ive ever wanted to level alts was with this buff existing. id be fine with them nerfing it a bit to compensate heirloom items. I don’t remember if heirloom items cover as much as this buff does though.

Any time you have to ask this question that is one more step towards retail that you’re taking. Just hope you’re aware of that for better or for worse.


I mean where going to have gear to boost our lvling in WOTLK. if you wana lvl just buy the gear. It only takes like 40 or 50 badges to get each part.

I would be ok with a 1-58 permanent xp buff. Get me out of the burning dumpster that is vanilla levelling before Cata

even then its only half the xp buff joyous journeys gives and it does not help new players.

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Once wotlk launches they pbbly should leave it on until u ding 68 and can go to northrend


Remove it. It doesn’t need to stay.

There are already other bonus xp opportunities like the DMF or during holidays like the Brewfest buff. Heirlooms offer xp benefits and more. Joyous Journeys has been enjoyable but there are other means for xp acceleration. It’s fine if this one ends.

Or they could keep it and then during whatever event they planned have “even more joyous journey” that gives 100%

Just ask for what you’re asking for - cut the XP required from 1-70 by 50%. Then if they want to give another event buff in the future they can. But then everyone will want THAT leveling nerf to stay. Then by the time they get to 80 and its slow af by comparison they’ll want that nerfed. Etc etc etc.

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