Joyous Journeys – Summer XP Buff Event

They will add it (as mentioned in recent blizzard survey) - but they will do it AFTER everyone has already boosted a char and paid the $60 or w/e it costs in your local currency

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Intra-account transfers please. 50 alt max without it seems pretty dumb for those of us coming from as far back as classic.

I love this idea. Thank you.

Fresh servers are up to a bad start, already undermining the original game integrity. There is nothing to catch up there, everyone is starting from the same place, that should be enough. Unless if you’re planning to have a 2 week pre-patch like last time, that just doesn’t feel right.


I don’t quite understand how the original dungeon finder is considered against the spirit of classic yet a 50 percent exp boost is, and rather than help fix the issues with finding dungeons at a lower level, especially on low population servers by having it, you simply add in this massive exp buff and remove boosting which sadly, was the only real alternative to questing. Litterally all the problems would have been solved by doing the most simple thing and keeping the feature in the game instead of going through all these hoops and adding all this other new stuff. People would be fine with spamming dungeons rather than buying boosts, because some of them just aren’t questers, and with the mage pathing nerf you could have pretty much eliminated boosting altogether in combination with dungeon finder as well.


Why check the toon when they can just check if the account has purchased the boost?


Shhhhhhhhhh… Shhhhhhhhhh… Shhhhhhhhhh…

Let’s not start making sense.

(I find it hilarious that they were brave enough to post these two topic outside the Community Council graveyard.)


I have no idea, but he said that not allowing people to have multiple boosted toons on one account is why they aren’t allowing transfers.

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I’m not even trying to be mean here. Like, I appreciate the effort but this stance they have about dungeon finder being against the spirit of classic I just don’t agree with at all, nor do I agree with doing all of these things to try to get around not having it. It’s not even a permanent solution, it’s a temporary exp buff. And it does nothing for those that like to level via dungeons, because yes, you will get more exp, but the problems that dungeon finder solved aren’t solved by throwing extra exp at it. Everything we really want with dungeon finder isn’t here. This just means I get more exp when I go out and quest, and I hate questing, that’s why I wanted dungeon finder. You can keep the extra exp I don’t want it.


It makes my head hurt.


Ah, fair enough. This seems dumb tbh, there’s literally no difference between making a separate account and applying a boost and keeping it on that new account.

To me, this looks like a way for them to boost their active sub count (to skew the numbers).

$$$ /10char


I got that, Brian B was basically just saying dumb things to cover up their way of milking their player base.


no one cares, go back to retail if you want LFD. ya’ll are just a vocal minority, stop acting like everyone wants it because we don’t


alot do tho, lol


Need to stop trying to argue minorities and majorities, no one knows.

You don’t want, he does, pure and simple.


Post on your Classic main.


You could also stop acting like everyone wants it… I’d argue it’s something like some people want it, some people don’t want it and some people don’t care…

Responses like this are exactly why Blizz doesn’t want to engage with us.


i wonder how wotlk will be without it, either way been using LFG bulletin board addon

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