Jom already dying 3700 items in ally AH? really?

Fine. “You’re.”




Also, lol.

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It just occurred to me that you might be failing to understand how your AH addon works.

At the moment, Vendorstrike’s alliance AH has 2,467 items with 20,468 total listings. In other words, just shy of 2,500 different types of items and just over 20,000 separate auctions.

I think Jom’s AH is okay.

Jom currently has 3,258 separate items for sale in 37,703 auctions.

You’re right, subby, dead server.

What use is the auction house to a playerbase that sits inside AV 24/7?

Gotta have something pretty to wear while you’re AFK.


good maybe ill stop seeing these jom scrubs in wsg

Wrong forum noob retail that way >>


People not buying my stuff so why should I post on the AH?

It makes my auctions look reasonably priced.

Nobody does AV except the yellows

no, not if you enjoyed your time playing.

Clearly I was being facetious.

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SOM was a good idea but the execution of it was terrible. Maybe blizzard can get season 2 right, we can only hope.

you want to go AGAIN?

this is probably my last lap through legacy content.

This is probably the biggest mistake they made. It’s clear that the devs actually tried to at least somewhat listen to the community with the SoM changes. However, if you don’t have the ability to predict the way the community will respond to certain incentives after 17 years, you’re failing as a developer IMO. People going into AV and ranking before tackling MC was a predictable outcome for anybody who pays attention.

btw there are over 30k items listed as rn in jom lol

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I play on Swamp of sorrows and I have never experienced a better server in all of classic. Actually having to make trades and help/get helped by guildies for certain items. My guild is the only horde guild to down a boss on the server and we have 2/10, it feels like actual real prog. Rather than just solo farming for hours to buy everything you want on the AH without having to interact with anyone before you step into raid. It’s awesome helping guildies farm recipes to better the guild as a whole.

I think all the people stuck on the idea that a server needs to be bursting from the seems with population is silly. You don’t need to be competing for every node and being ganked every second you step into the open world to have a “good” server.


OP has a thing for negative posts :rofl: not to mention outright wrong


You are not thinking in a broad enough perspective, Classic has been a failure so far or atleast after they decided to include expansions. SoM is for simpletons and tempory arcade gaming from d3.

But it is what the majority wants, luckily i can avoid the terrible communities that play these things and stick with classic, when WOTLK arrives it’s time to play tbc.