Jom already dying 3700 items in ally AH? really?

This has got to be a joke. SoM was a disaster. They should just merge the servers at this point and I’m not talking about other SoM servers. Throw everyone back into Era and merge those too.

WoW isn’t what it used to be. It’s dying because you cannot handle it anymore Blizzard. Stop isolating and destroying the classic communities we have. SoM was a cool idea if you put in effort into it. I think the servers proved that.

2 servers for Classic.

Fix and merge servers on TBC as well.

This is a joke - stop acting like people will come back and charging people to transfer. THEY AREN’T COMING BACK. And people are leaving because the last thing a lot of people want to do is throw MORE money at you to transfer.



2/10 bait.


SoM continues to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys.


Enjoy seeing “full” on your server for a few more weeks bud.


I’m pretty sure Lionheart’s never been full, bud.

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wait, it cant die yet, i havent hit 60!

to late. Downward spiral from here on. People are over it. Poorly handled. Fail season. They should cancel it and merge everyone active into classic era and merge those down to 2 servers as well.


Som has 2 months of life left on Jom tops. Even sooner for everyone else


It’s amusing how a server’s health can be perceived by the amount of items available on the ah.

It’s almost like seeing a bare shelf in a super-store and thinking that there must not be enough people to keep it stocked, rather than there are too many people and not enough of the shelf’s stock to go around.


It really is like I’m in 2005!


SoM was a cheap tactic to boost subs eoy with minimal effort. Why were there no new dungeons, raids etc. Current endgame is premade with sweaties or run mc, not too enticing.


If theres also no one in the store and parking lot, the analogy is relevant.

It was ruined when they allowed BG’s in the game from the get-go. Everyone hit 60, skipped dungeons and went straight in AV spam. The speed of release of content was also a mistake and should have just been a re-release of how classic was with minor adjustments, possibly slightly sped up timeline but nothing so drastic as what happened. I quit playing after about 2-3 weeks of AV spam. PvP system could have been in game early, but BG’s should’ve been kept out a while and the changes to honor calculations were crap.
Classic is not supposed to done at blistering speed. Private servers have managed it for many years and their popularity continued.


Haha all that time you spent on your character was pointless.

You can take it as fast or slow as you want.
Bobby isn’t gonna show up at your house to punish you.
Era is here for you if you wanna slow it down.
Or getting off the merry go round is an option as well.

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I mean, every low level zone is densely packed lol
I sell everything in minutes
Oh well 1/10

can’t wait to fight the lich king in retail I mean who is that mysterious man!!!

People aren’t selling their own crap at a grocery store. That’s such a dumb analogy.


I plan to get a too to 60 w/o dying. The too I’m working on is 24… It’s slow.


Interesting pronoun choice.

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