Jom already dying 3700 items in ally AH? really?

less items = less people = dead

Jom best server

And which server is that? I’d like to know and visit it, personally. Like I said, I’m on BB, a server that wasn’t NOT connected, nor do I want it to be, and it has more than this, online.

EDIT: I’ve checked other servers that aren’t BB, and I have to specify what I’m looking for, to avoid the 50 character list cap.

EDIT 2: Keep in mind, if you’re going to log on, in the middle of the night, when other people are asleep…yeah, you’ll see a list like this.

EDIT 3: BB has 30 online, right now. Alliance that is. IK Horde side for BB is not great. Then again, even before the split, they were never really thriving to begin with. It was always Alliance.

This is a matter of opinion.
Horde was fine just not as populated as Alliance.

What Hermite said is common and does not have to be in the dead of night. He likely meant the faction he plays. That does happen at times for the Horde on Bloodsail Buccaneers so you just have to visit that faction to see the truth of what he said.

Hello friend :slight_smile:
Why? Can you please explain friend :slight_smile:

There will barely be enough ony cloaks for starters. Bwl will be too much effort for your average player. I mean, mc is already too much investment for half the population

This I understand. But, I (also) understand that it’s not this way, for the Alliance which is why I specified that the Horde side was never as thriving as the Alliance side. Picking a minority faction, on a non-connected realm is expected to show low numbers. Flip it over to the other side via Alliance, it’s not this way. And, there’s truth to the blue post, in the sequestered community forums, regarding this, as well:

Overall, the data we have suggests that, broadly, players don’t seem to want an even playing field and/or they care more about having their faction be heavily populated and lively than they care about their realm being balanced

Again, using the data we’ve gathered over the past few years, it’s fairly conclusive that players do not take advantage of FCMs or paid transfers to move to the underdog faction. It’s just not something that happens to a degree to move the needle in a positive direction, and offering that move as the only option that players have for free transfers is likely not going to be positively received by players who are unhappy with their current realm.

Do you honestly expect people to freely and/or pay to move their characters to fix a dead side, for you? No, OFC not! I make it very clear that Horde side, on BB isn’t as active as the Alliance side since the very beginning (via even before the split happened) and acknowledge that difference. But, that doesn’t mean, as a whole, that’s the entire server. Just flip over to Alliance, and you’ll see a much more “livelier” (I do mean this lightly) community than Horde.

EDIT: Thread Link, so that thread can be referred to this discussion, as well:

I think BGs should have a factionless league. Insta queues for everyone. No one will have an incentive to turtle for hours, and no one will be de-incentivized to play because partaking in such games are not worth their time.

There should also be leagues where you can sign up every week for part of the day you will be playing in. And you will only be allowed to BG during these 5-8 hour windows per day.

Blizz needs to twist it up a bit for SoM. The league idea in fact makes it just like the original vanilla where you did not have to be playing at all hours of the day in order to rank. Since battlegrounds were server-based, all you had to do was learn when games were going on, and played during that window.

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the biggest problem with SOM is that they increased the barrier to entry for raiding by making them more difficult, requiring more consumeables without world buffs as well, while also dropping pvp gear on release which is for the most part better than mc gear. so people have no incentive to do actually coordinate for MC given the new challenges, when you can just zug AV for guaranteed gear.

we all wouldve been so much happier with another classic rerun where we could just chill with the bros in mc and pvp gear being released a few months after release. now we got sub 60s bracket breaking through AV

You got a mouse in your pocket?

I’m loving SoM. It’s at least 50% more fun than Classic Vanilla.

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I am not sure why you are speaking to me or about BB Horde even prior to TBCC in such a condescending manner.
I do not expect anyone to transfer to BB Horde nor did I ask for that.
I simply tried to clarify the truth of another poster’s comments.
Good day to you.


It’s Piper.

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I really don’t get why the investment in trying to prove someone else’s observations “wrong”.
Like why do you have to check up on that?
Believe it or don’t.

Oh I was curious and probably won’t play much but I made a lock on Vendorstrike, Glinda.
When can I get some free bags?

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This is what happens when you listen to the vocal minority. I never found MC to be difficult, but I could completely understand how it was a challenge for the less experienced.

In addition, MC was a fine precursor to more difficult raiding like BWL, AQ40 and Naxx.

But the vocal minority crowed about how it was too easy. Well, this is the result.

Send Glinda a letter, I’ll hook you up.

I’m not sure why you’re (specifically) taking this conversation, personally. I’m just pointing out the facts. What is personal is this:

As it’s a comment about me, on a personal level rather than an actual discussion level.

I didn’t say you (specifically) did. I may have used the word “you”, but the word “you” can be used as a generalization, to anyone it relates to. Unless, you (specifically) fall under that category, I can understand why you (specifically) may have taken it, personally.

And, I expanded upon that, as you (specifically) chimed into a conversation that did not involve you (specifically). Since, you (specifically) chimed in, the conversation shall continue.


I love running stuff through Google Translate a half dozen times, too.

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I dunno.
They must get paid by the piece/word/mile and are used to padding.

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there is 32000 now. what happened?

Subby wasn’t able to distinguish between the number of different types of items for sale and the number of individual listings.