Join HFD for Mythic Progression and Serious Debates Like is Bleu Cheese Good?

Greetings from HFD! Our recruitments for 9.1 is currently open. Info about our raid team:

Raid times/days: Friday/Sunday 8pm - 11pm EST
Current recruitment needs (please note we are open to other classes other than the ones listed so please fill out an application or message us if you’re interested in joining). We are also always happy to welcome casual players looking for a community or to join our normal/heroic raids.

Healer: Shaman, Holy Priest, Druid, or Monk

DPS: Spriest, Mage, Hunter (MM or BM), Warrior, DH, Boomkin, WW Monk

What we provide: guild repairs, flasks, food, and a great atmosphere with intellectual debates such as is bleu cheese actually good or is a hot dog a sandwich.

Who we are: We are a long standing mythic raiding guild and wow community established in Cata. We strive to maintain a positive environment while progressing through content and bring a sense of fun and community to all that we do. Join us for wow, other blizzard games, and more!

If you’re looking for a mythic raid team and active guild then HFD may be the place for you!

Have a question or interested in setting up a trial? DM Lano on Discord or Bnet Lanoline#1436 or apply here:


Blue cheese is good with hot chicken wings, salad not so much.

This seems to be the consensus among the bleu cheese supporting folks in the guild. You do however bring up a good point we usually discuss wings but less so salad. I will have to bring this point up.

It’s not good with poutine! Major point!

Also depends on the wing flavor, something like buffalo or something very hot its blue cheese, anything more tame like BBQ or mesquite its ranch.

the real question is though: drums or flats, or whole wing

Ah see we have this discussion too. I think flats are winning currently but I’ll report back

Indeed this is a major point! I wonder if this will sway the pro bleu cheese people.

smoked - whole wing
fried - flat
baked - drum
grilled - drum

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