JF Asked When we Want More Customization

(Sorry, I can’t actually quote directly. But I wanted to bring those in the CC talking about customization in on this.)

Figured it’d be fruitful for the discussion to bleed into that thread along with customization as it’s incredibly relevant.

My opinion on this matter: The more customization for races already in place sooner, the better. I’m assuming no more is coming for 9.2.5, which is a shame, but it’d be nice to see requests taken seriously for the upcoming expansion.


from what I see it will only do as In Shadowlands and BfA more than the Tier in raids.

In the dungeons we will continue with a simple type of armor customization like in Shadowlands soul merchant set in Oribos seen in all the dungeons of that expansion due to the company’s laziness.

Which, the only thing I wish apart from the Gray and white transmog, would be that if I could customize with low level armor according to your class (sorry clothe class) so a class like Warrior, Hunter or Rogue could use any armor depending on their class without having to change that armor or lower the level not indicated to your class.

That’s like I said in characters for the Rogues like Vaalera Sanguinar, Moroes and Vanessa Vancleef use clothes armor, while the leather ones can only transmogrify but we can’t make them available according to our class like clothes.

Thing that for now until I have a better armor costume designer, I opt for this option to be able to use this system to transmog these armors.


Yeah. Right now is the answer.

If that’s the player housing expansion we may not get customizations then. But that’s if they’re listening to the feedback.

For the record I’d like to see another wave of customizations in 9.2.5. The more you keep at it the quicker people’s demands will be met.

For how much Blizz used customizations as a selling point in Shadowlands, they really dropped the ball by abandoning it. Dropped the ball twice by not even mentioning another wave during DF, two years later.

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Tell me you’re a WoW dev that doesn’t listen without telling me you’re a WoW dev that doesn’t listen.

Seriously, how can they even ask this? People have been clamoring for more stuff for existing races.
Heritage sets, hairstyles, etc., etc…
Somehow losing more faith in Blizz despite having none at all lately.


I’d feel bad except they should’ve had the foresight to see that void elves were stupid. It’s like having your horde playerbase ask for ogres and getting elves and pandas instea…oh wait.

Damn straight. Have they not noticed the elf megathreads that are about? The worgen tails thread? The people asking for beards?? There’s this funny guy who keeps making threads asking for wizard beards


This is one thing that’s really irked me this expansion, they made such a big deal about it as something they’d do and would continue working on in shadowlands and then dropped some pretty ok stuff for a handful of races, pat themselves on the back and said “Alright we did it guys, we won customization!”

Like, this should always be an ongoing thing. Dracthyr are getting like 30 haircolors and 2 tone hair, are any of the rest of us going to be able to have that? Why is that not something that’s a priority to ship with, I would LOVE to have some of those hairstyles and colors.


Yes! Preach! And they haven’t even got to how many hairstyles they’re making for the Drakthyr either.

,Preformatted textpreview.redd.it/4u6lpwwnryl21.png?width=956&format=png&auto=webp&s=95b87cccac37b99e8fa203334df45797352e0ddc

So many ideas on internet

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They didn’t even give us all the customization options they showed off at Blizzcon 2019. They never implemented the dark brown eyes or the eye shape options for Humans and there’s also a tattoo/warpaint color option they didn’t implement for Trolls. There’s no indication that the missing customization options will ever get added, either.


True, there were definitely some cool eye shapes and face shapes that really helped the human model in particular look distinctive.

And the fact that they’ve said that they are rigging things in ways that make this easier to do, it’s insane to me that some races have 5-10 hair colors to choose from.

I’m not asking for sliders on everything, but a real color pallet for hair and some new styles would go a long way. Hell NPCs have some amazing hair, why can’t we get some of that?


bottom line for me is other mmos absolutely dunk on wow when it comes to character customization, and considering wow’s popularity/prevalance that shouldn’t be the case at all


Vanilla Tauren still only have 4 face choices for females and 5 for males.

Only 4 face options.
1, 2, 3, 4 <–that’s all, folks!
In 2022.



Those did help a lot. But the human rig and animations have not been updated since Vanilla. The thighs and legs are disproportionate to the upper body and the females run in a really odd manner. Imagine applying loads of top notch customization on a Vanilla rig…

I hope they update the Human rig at least if they’re going to fully focus on Drakthyr.

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Humans have almost 30 different faces to choose from.

Lightforged Draenei have 8. Same with gnomes and dwarves. They have like 10-ish?

Night elf males have 10–and 4 of them are downright ugly.

Make more aesthetically pleasing options for the races with 10 or less options. Bring them to par with other races.

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I don’t want another 9.1.5 situation where they hastily scrap together some customization options to quell the backlash they received from the “no more customization in Shadowlands” comments at Blizzconline 2021, this time pacifying the players upset that the Dracthyr will launch with more options than races that have been in the game since Vanilla.

That’s generous of you, I’d put 9 of them down as downright ugly.

As a side note, I made this post in a thread about Night Elf male faces that a CM eventually responded to a long time ago, so I hope they forwarded the feedback in that thread to the devs.


Honestly, I am not willing to wait 2 years for hairstyles, hair effects and tattoos. I have already un-subbed and will not be giving them any more of my money until I see Void elves get more customization. And soon, with DRs potentially coming and with so many Horde races being given priest, rogue and mage, everyone’s only gonna be playing Horde. They doubled down in favouring the Horde and are doing a great job crushing the Alliance with it.

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Nightborne are in desperate need for more customization options. At least a few of the core races are as well.