JF Asked When we Want More Customization

In a recent interview Jeremy Feasel was asked if there will be customizations for other races as well.

He said they are currently fully focusing on Drakthyr customizations, and that they will have more customization than any others before. This is not the flex they think it is. Putting all of your cards in one race (not even both genders of it) will backfire immensely, especially when you should be working on the already established in-game races instead which we’ve played for many years.

He then called for feedback on when we’d like more character customization. Well, ideally there should’ve been a new wave of character customizations incoming for 9.2.5. But I guess that’s not happening eh? We still don’t even know exactly what 9.2.5 even has in it other than cross-faction play, but no customizations have been datamined.

So now we’ll have to wait for over 2 years for more character customizations because you can’t sacrifice content for customization, leaving 10.1 or 10.1.5 as the only viable patches to provide that. SMH.

For the record, we want to see character customization ASAP. In 9.2.5 even, for 4+ races at a time. It may seem demanding, but it fits player demand.

It’d be great if you could allocate a few character artists (at least 5) to work solely on character customization. We should not need to wait for years for at least some customization to all races.


That seems like a bit of an overstatement. “will be disappointing”, or “will be very disappointing”, feels more accurate.

But yes, I’m with you that I would like more as soon as. I have been holding out hope for more in 9.2.5. Especially for those allied races that have yet to receive any extra love.


So…you’re upset that they’re focusing on making new stuff instead of adding to things that already exist? That’s certainly a take a person can have, I guess.


No, quite the contrary I was very excited for the new class, but it has too many restrictions and getting something new doesn’t necessarily equate to giving up on anything else. It’s not my fault they want to overexaggerate the Drakthyr customizations and bench the rest of the races.


Here’s the thing with character customization.
They could spend 6 months focused purely on customization, and the end result will be people asking for more customization. It’s a bottomless pit.

Resource management is an important factor, focusing on the new shiny race isn’t a bad thing at all IMO and I say that as someone that is frankly put-off from play Evoker because of Dracyhyr.


Didn’t we just have a round of new customization when Shadowlands launched? Yes, I’d like more customization, but I can’t fault them for working on the new toy either. Besides which some of that might be translated to the “visage” races.


I agree …
please don’t forget the Heritage Armor for Night elf , Draenei, Human , Forsaken ….
They have more fans compared to the dragons . Wich should have been Naga anyway .


We’re still waiting for Darkspear troll and both Pandaren factions as well.

I know the Night Elf characters are very vocal about their Heritage armour for sure.


While I am not against new customizations and still want my dwarf’s original fair hair back (platinum is not fair, Blizzard!), I cannot think of any race that they are actually needful for.

Maybe Tauren, Pandaren or Vulpera?

Holy crap you’ve got that right. Especially since dragons are a single class race, which means nobody is going to be race swapping once they unlock even just to try it for a few weeks. Those of us who have no intention of main swapping, which is going to be pretty substantial and a big fat ZERO if you like tanking, are just out in the cold.


Especially when there is just one single class tied to this race. I would gladly play a Drakthyr and dive into all the new options, but I can’t because I still want to play my priest. :confused: So the new race is basically a dead feature to all those people who don’t want to reroll.

I think it’s really sad that they’re such a big company but have so extremely limited ressources for development. Sure, the new race SHOULD get a lot of customization options but I think it’s weird that all other races have to give up any new customization for that. I can’t believe that there is no time to add 2-3 new hair styles for other races or something like that.


On the bright side, pouring lots of resources into their games is something Microsoft is apparently known for? We might actually see a good 11.0 depending on how the merger and expansion release coincide.


Blizzard is still going on like there are no other MMOs that players can compare them to. Having played a few of them I see how they are able to add new hair styles, emotes, and even dances for their characters. When it comes to WoW the pretend that it is going to take two raid tiers and a year of development to get tattoos.

WoW lacks customization for characters. If it takes hiring new people (and we all know contract work is a thing) why not do that. Let the main team work on the new things and a new team work on existing content to update it. There is enough reference material out there that a new team could update and add styles to what we already have.


Unfortunately, I’ve long since taken a “Pffft, I’ll believe it when I see it” stance with Blizzard’s assurances that they’re working on something. Their track record for delivering on content is pretty shoddy. Waiting for more promised customization options is just one of the latest ones.

They took all of WoD, all of Legion, and most of BfA to update Worgen and Goblins. As others are pointing out, the heritage armor for half of the core races is still missing. All sorts of class flavour knick-nacks that they’ve talked about over the years have just been abandoned, player housing has been talked about since vanilla, etc…

This is just speculation, but at the core of it, I think that Blizzard is wildly inefficient at utilizing their resources and talent (which would ultimately be a management problem). Why work on 1-3 post-launch zones per expansion when you just totally abandon them in the very next one? Aside from random peeps hunting achievements or mounts, who goes to Nazjatar, or Argus, or Tanaan? So all of that effort and all of those assets are largely wasted because they rarely ever revisit old zones in current content.


I’d played on a private RP server for several years. Those people developed stuff as hobby in their freetime and it was normal to regularly get some new fancy glasses, skirts, tattoos, even new hair styles and colors, bags and much more cosmetic stuff. If I remember correctly there was just one person who was able to do that custom stuff and we still had more than Blizzard has provided in the last years. Despite them having a professional team of artists and devs.
I get that they have a lot to do for the new expansion. I know that. But it’s not like we’re asking for the world.


Naga will never happen, there are no 2 legged Naga thus we can have them as playable because they are incompatible with mounts

Blizzard does not have to do customization options when a new expansion comes out. It would be good to see them doing them during regular patches. Just day up and see tattoos added in or flowers in your hair for everyone females and males.

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I don’t know why he would ask when we’d like new customizations - players always want them lol. They really should be rolling out a few things in each minor patch every expansion.

I want the rest of the heritage armor sets they started how many expansions ago now (3?)? We still don’t have half of the original races. Yet DI and BE are getting more heritage stuff including weapons, which is great but should be after the other races get their armor sets.


One very exclusive race and class. Sorry tanks I guess? I was worried about this, very frustrating.

I hope the irony of your awful take trying to tell somebody that they have a bad take isn’t lost on you. This game sorely lacks customization options compared to just about every other game that exists, they can and should be doing both new things and updating old things to make them more interesting.

FFXIV manages to introduce new hairstyles in just about every patch, and every race and gender typically gets access to them, they’ve even gone out of their way to start finally including new options for the “limited” races. People should always be asking for more customization, and blizzard should be delivering it. It’s one of the most important things about RPGs, and a company like blizzard should have the resources to do more.

WoW is MILES behind most other MMOs and RPGs in terms of character customizations. Almost every race could use more. Hairstyles, tattoos, dual tone hair colors, face shapes? It’s not about need, it’s about making your players happy.

+1 here


still waiting on the rest of the heritage armors