JF Asked When we Want More Customization

True, there were definitely some cool eye shapes and face shapes that really helped the human model in particular look distinctive.

And the fact that they’ve said that they are rigging things in ways that make this easier to do, it’s insane to me that some races have 5-10 hair colors to choose from.

I’m not asking for sliders on everything, but a real color pallet for hair and some new styles would go a long way. Hell NPCs have some amazing hair, why can’t we get some of that?


bottom line for me is other mmos absolutely dunk on wow when it comes to character customization, and considering wow’s popularity/prevalance that shouldn’t be the case at all


Vanilla Tauren still only have 4 face choices for females and 5 for males.

Only 4 face options.
1, 2, 3, 4 <–that’s all, folks!
In 2022.



Those did help a lot. But the human rig and animations have not been updated since Vanilla. The thighs and legs are disproportionate to the upper body and the females run in a really odd manner. Imagine applying loads of top notch customization on a Vanilla rig…

I hope they update the Human rig at least if they’re going to fully focus on Drakthyr.

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Humans have almost 30 different faces to choose from.

Lightforged Draenei have 8. Same with gnomes and dwarves. They have like 10-ish?

Night elf males have 10–and 4 of them are downright ugly.

Make more aesthetically pleasing options for the races with 10 or less options. Bring them to par with other races.

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I don’t want another 9.1.5 situation where they hastily scrap together some customization options to quell the backlash they received from the “no more customization in Shadowlands” comments at Blizzconline 2021, this time pacifying the players upset that the Dracthyr will launch with more options than races that have been in the game since Vanilla.

That’s generous of you, I’d put 9 of them down as downright ugly.

As a side note, I made this post in a thread about Night Elf male faces that a CM eventually responded to a long time ago, so I hope they forwarded the feedback in that thread to the devs.


Honestly, I am not willing to wait 2 years for hairstyles, hair effects and tattoos. I have already un-subbed and will not be giving them any more of my money until I see Void elves get more customization. And soon, with DRs potentially coming and with so many Horde races being given priest, rogue and mage, everyone’s only gonna be playing Horde. They doubled down in favouring the Horde and are doing a great job crushing the Alliance with it.

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Nightborne are in desperate need for more customization options. At least a few of the core races are as well.

I’m probably a bit biased stating this, but it still has some truth to it: The most popular races that have been neglected customization-wise should be focused on 1st, followed by the less popular races.

So by order of popularity and lacking customization:


Worgen: They need more hairstyles, facial expressions, and tails.
Void elves: They need a lot of hairstyles, as well as tattoos, voidy hair effects, jewellery, voidy skin tones etc. There’re threads up listing everything that’s requested.
Dark Iron Dwarves: They probably have the least customization out of all races atm. They need skin colours, hair colours, hairstyles, and jewellery.
Kul’Tirans: They should share all human skin tones, should get more hairstyles, and more faces. They should also be able to be Paladins.


Zandalari Trolls: They need aztec style gold jewellery, more tusks options, more skin colours, hairstyles, faces etc
Blood elves: As they’re the most popular and have been making requests for several years now, they’re making it to the list. They want tattoos and face runes, scars, red eyes, and undead skin tones. There’re Megathreads up listing their requests.
Nightborne: They badly need some lighter skin tones, more youthful, non-wrinkly faces, and more prominent tattoos.
Vulpera: Need more fur patterns, facial expressions and more snouts.

Pandaren: They need lots of jewellery, facial expression options, hair colours etc.

Honorable mentions: Draenei have no eye colours…neither do LFD.

I didn’t plan to list all races but damn, that’s 9 races in dire need of stuff right there.

I would like to make it clear that I am a huge fan of more customization. Basically the customization and allied races were the announcements that sold me on preordering the last couple of expansion.

With that said I don’t want more right away. I think that they have concentrated too much on customization and tried to push out a lot of what we had too quickly to make things seem “even” and with that we got sloppy allied races, clipping hair through the back of heads, and even with their efforts to give everybody something… lackluster new customization for many of the races.

And it’s not about what we didn’t get. It’s about the quality of what we did get that disappoints. The more and more and more they are trying to do then the less appealing it looks at the end.

I’m glad they are focusing on this one race to be perfectly honest. I hope they turn out good.

And if they do then maybe they can add some more customization for our other races later on. And for the love of everything maybe it could be added as a nice surprise in a small patch somewhere or just a random insert instead of blown up into a main feature of an expansion. So ridiculous to expect so little from them. I don’t understand why they can’t just add one nice new hairstyle to one race at one point and then a cool tattoo for another a little bit later…:slightly_smiling_face:

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You make some great points there. The only thing I’ll have to disagree with is this:

Apparently they have already been customizing the new race so much, that it has 30 hair colours and 5 separate pages of customization (some of our current races barely have 1 page).

Now, let’s see what we were given in the last 2 expacs prior to SL:

BFA: 6 Allied races
Legion: A class, and 4 Allied races

Going by the let down that was Shadowlands with its limited customization additions, no races, no classes and all other issues, we were given the impression that Dragonflight would have to literally fly right?

So, if they were to get even remotely close to Legion standards, then no, a single Allied race will not suffice. So ideally we should see either an extra allied race added in 10.0 and a lot more customization, or no new AR in 10.0 but a ton of new customization and new race/ class combos.

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Considering a nexus modder with the dev tools could probably do it in a couple days I say next patch every race should have more.

But you know blizzard needs to make a huge deal out of stuff like this and threaten a raid tier or something.

If that’s the case then why make everyone wait for so many years just for customizations? I think it may be more related to the creation of new assets such as hairstyles, jewellery, tattoos etc…at least that’s what I’d like to believe but if you know better please enlighten me as it’s a matter greatly discussed about

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Firmly believe they genuinely don’t read the forums at all or any other sites and places despite the claims that they do.

Other than player housing, more customization options for all races in the game is the #1 requested thing, how dense are they?

Edit: How many megathreads are there for more options for nearly every race? Megathreads that have outlined so many options for literal years at this point, basically since before alpha with SL maybe even some long before SL was even announced! It’s like they choose to not see it or something I swear.

How many fan edit videos and private servers like Epsilon exist that give 100 times more options than the live game. It’s a disgrace really.


Exactly, and then Jeremy Feasel just publicly goes ‘‘the community can tell us when they want more customizations’’ we’ve been requesting them for like the last 2+ years what do you meaaan loool. Now! Give’em now or ASAP.


Literally the last 2 years, maybe even longer at this point because why wouldn’t people want more options like this? Lmao.

And don’t even get me started on the humans! The males need so so soooo much work it’s not even funny! They’ve been the same beefy disproportionate bodies with bad hair polygons since Vanilla! So almost 20 years on a subscription based game with bad character models…!

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Say Hello to ESO, GW2, and FF14. They pretty much are still doing Character Customization Options more than WoW is doing.

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Sorry but Void Elves have gotten more attention than all the other races combined.

They can get to the back of the line.

I feel the Pandaren got the shortest end of the stick. They were the newest model when we got updated models eight years ago… right yeah but they also are 10 years old now. An entire decade and they got some very lame additions. Three skin colors, a tail, and three haircuts which are just awful. Male got their hair features detached from their faces. 10 years and that is all they’ve received. Not even heirloom armor either.