I've tasted classic. Find it hard to go back to BfA

Be careful with Classic! There is a reason people complained of WoW being like heroine. It can and has been extremely addictive for some.

We might all need to start a WoW Anonymous group


The cravings are real lol. I can’t wait til August. I watch streams, I watch youtube, I read reddit, I frequent this forum. I need Classic!!! Seems so far away but I’m so hyped!! :station: All aboard the HYPE TRAIN!! :bullettrain_side:


Yeah I can’t wait to enjoy the feeling of building a character again honestly. It won’t be like it was for me when I leveled through nilla zones in Wrath, but it’ll still be fun nonetheless!


I felt the same way, I don’t think I will go back to BFA after classic is out.


dont unsub . we get 5 more levels next week, up to level 10. :yellow_heart:

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Ehh, doesn’t seem worth resubbing for a day of stress-test.


omy lol pay that much to go cinema and order popcorn and a drink. and classic alot more fun than the movies.


Stress tests are there for testing and finding bugs, not to early access the Classic. And there’ll be 1-2 more stress tests probably, playing them several times will cheapen the launch experience, it’s better to wait.


well you’re sacrificing your spot to another deserving soul. all i know is i get power word shield at level six and i already have my wand. :sparkles:

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Well my key spell I look forward to is Riposte, which is level 20, so I’ll stay put and wait for release. I also stay firm by that playing stress tests over and over again only frustrates you as it’s 1 day of playing, then 1-2 weeks of waiting to play again, and when launch comes, you’d already have experienced the start few times.

Welcome to the club lol thats how we all feel even me i had the best fun on the stress test then i have had in a real long time on wow


I started playing wow in BC, played through the stress test as an undead mage. Now I wish I started in vanilla, counting down the days now. :smiley:


I was exactly the opposite. After most of a week playing beta, it was a joy to return to the live game.

Amazing how people can have different tastes.

I’ve tried to keep playing beta at least a little bit every day, but I can’t take more than a half hour or so at a time. That’s barely long enough to walk to a quest.

wait so you are in beta? not stress test? why click the box to play beta if you dont want to play classic essentially?

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I want to play a Priest. Sure there is a character in my retail client that claims to be one, but it isn’t the Priest I played at level 60.

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My beta character is level 20 and I’m enjoying him immensely more than my BFA toon.


^ me, for the last six months


Yes, regular beta. Invited the first day or so.

I was in the original closed beta too. Opened my account on launch day morning. Been subbed probably 80% of months since.

Right now I play BfA nearly every day, I even started an alliance toon so I can unlock KT Druids. First alliance toon since launch that I intended to take to cap.

Why did I check the box? Curiosity mostly, I was wondering if my memory would match what they presented. It does.

I do like helping beta test also. I’ve been in many, and one alpha.

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I’m so torn on what class to play. I couldn’t care less about raiding and just want to PvP.

I’m stuck with spriest/rog/mage.

Spriest since that’s what I played in classic.
Rogue because that’s what I switched to in TBC.
And mage because that’s my current main.