I've reached the end of Classic

Man was I hyped, buying novels half a year before release to learn up about the lore. Getting all my friends motivated to rejoin WoW and firing up the game in August whilst having an absolutely stellar time for months on end.

But then, in the blink of an eye, Blizzard, who had 15 years of foresight to prevent numerous issues, decided ‘what the heck its just Classic’ and allowed a poo show to happen.

At least for me, my momentum got ruined around the middle of phase 2 when Blizzard refused to fix the faction imbalance issues we were experiencing.

Zones were unplayable, 45 min run just to enter BRD, you all know the picture. I loved WPvP in vanilla, I loved WPvP before phase 2 and I love WPvP after BGs were released. But I personally believe Blizzaed underestimated how things would be with the increase in server size during the initial release of phase 2.

I’ve been struggling to get back into the game ever since, logging on each week for a couple of minutes at a time and thinking “eh what’s the point”. I re rolled Horde to try them out, had a blast as I found the community to be better, got to level 17.

For those who haven’t had an issue so far, I’m glad to hear! Keep enjoying the game for those of us who have given up.

It’s sad that I had to write this post, but I feel that it shows the current state of the game for other players :frowning:


I took a 3 month break from games all together, came back but couldn’t get back into classic but have been enjoying retail with the release of 8.3

To me there just wasn’t much to do on Classic, the leveling was my favorite part though.


I also took a 3 month break. Came back to play a night or two a week and just run 5-mans and UBRS. I’m content now.

I really needed the break to get my mind right, such a large break helps justify not having the best gear and being happy with what I have.


So you’re making an “I quit” post based on wpvp woes from a couple months ago.



I dont even need a break for that

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Blizzard can not be there to fix faction imbalance every time it tips too far. Players are free to choose their faction and race. This is a player made issue.

Try a PvE server.


You can always reroll horde. horde rarely ever get ganked and all zones are playable from what I hear.

i wish I knew why it’s so hard for WoW players to learn to play in moderation.

[long post about knowing one’s place in a game, not everyone’s #1 etc etc that nobody wants to read]


I have a slight theory on this matter.

  1. The devs scrooed the pooch when they released the Horde city in BfA. The Horde city is gorgeous, but absolutely abysmal to travel around in. The Horde have sort of expressed a strong distaste in particular for BfA. The Alliance LOVE BfA on a whole though.

  2. The Alliance has always attracted a younger atmosphere. The Horde has always attracted an older atmosphere. I think this is more psychological than anything else.

  3. The Horde was the more PvP driven side of WoW. The Alliance has a strong RP and PvE personnel.

Considering that this is a rerelease of a game that came out 15 years ago, and, naturally, the consumers playing this game are going to be somewhat older, and that, because the Alliance attracts a younger player base, we now see that the Horde has attracted the higher population and that the Alliance’s personnel are found in other newer games like Fortnite or BfA. Not to mention that the Horde has better all around PvP racials. I think that the Alliance population you know and want is out there, I think they are just playing other games or retail BfA right now.

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Some people are naturally competitive, congrats on having no drive to be the best you could be.


Already did that once.
The quest reward was several bullets
In places i did not particularly care for them to be even.

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Meh, I felt the faction imbalance for a week in BFA and turned warmode off and the game felt better again. (It sucks to have to do that, but it salvaged the game experience for me for awhile longer. I think classic lets you transfer from pvp to pve server.) You might try rolling/xfering on a PVE server if the PVP’s gotten too onerous. Seems like you were more determined to raid anyway if you spent 45 minutes walking through gank-hell just to get to the raid. So might just roll on a PVE server and skip the gank-hell part of raidnight. (Or let your pvp server 60s just focus on vengeance ganking and roll fresh toon(s) on pve or rp servers for raiding and stuff.)

Somehow world pvp was fine and fun back in legion on emerald dream server. I got ganked plenty of times, and flightpaths were camped, but I had a good guild that could clear the flightpaths for us, and I held my own in plenty of fights. And BFA seemed fine for awhile, then Blizz did something and tons of people faction changed to Alliance and much of the remaining Horde turned off Warmode to survive. I don’t know what happened right in legion that turned wrong in bfa, but sounds like classic wpvp is experiencing the same thing. (Might be some dev philosophy got warped and whoever it is doesn’t get it.)

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Someone said Zandalar was actually designed for a raid initially, then someone decided to just make it the horde main city. So horde got a city we need a flight path to get from one end to the other and vines to get back up on the pyramid if we fall in the water. :slight_smile: Among myriad other interesting quirks. That said, UC REALLY sucks imho. I’d zeppelin to UC, then jog down to sepulcher flight path, or eat a meal while flying up from Booty Bay to avoid UC. The concept is clever and maybe I’d adapt if I mained undead for very long, but I’ve had something to hate about every single trip to UC.


Aww spoken like a sorry soldier. I guess Marines never lose the drive regardless.

it was better when it was an alliance city, y’know.

It´s not at all.

Server transfers, xrealm are the issue here, also the exploits and bug abusing. I had a very healthy realm, but the above destroyed it, together with my will to continue.

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  1. It’s hilarious given activision’s track record that you thought they would make any player wanted improvements.

  2. Classic has always had bad design by default. Feral? Enhance? Spriest? Itemization? List goes on and on but they made HUGE steps in the right direction with Burning Crusade.

  3. Do what most people did and just re roll the broken OP classes like Warrior/mage/ Lock if you enjoy pvp. I guess the same goes for PVE toss in rogue

  4. Majority of us are just here waiting on Burning crusade, the pinnacle of wow.


you and who else?


Hi, the majority of the player base.

Just going off the people I talk to on a daily basis and the crazy amounts of posters that agree.

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I’m waiting for TBC as well but you aren’t talking to the majority of the playerbase.