I've Been Waiting A Long Time For This - Necrotic Plague not jumping from add to add, only stacks up to 2

I’ve been trying to get this achievement on my hunter for several weeks now to no avail. I’ve watched all the videos and looked on a number forums explaining how to solo this achievement. I’ve followed all the steps of the different strategies, but no matter what the same thing happens that makes it impossible to solo - the necrotic plague is killing the adds after 1 tick, and the plague isn’t moving to a new target when it kills its current target. It will move from me to a ghoul, kill the ghoul, then disappear. Not quite sure how to stack above 2, let alone all the way to 30.


i know it sound absurd but, do you try to stack with the debuff, so it comes back to you? consdiering this is BFA, and that was WotLK, i’m pretty sure you can tank a 30 stack and let it go on a add.

Necrotic plague seems to be bugged. I just tried it tonight. Necrotic plague would only jump one time, from me to a ghoul. It would never jump to another ghoul after it died.

I’m in ICC right now and it is doing exactly this. Wont stack passed 2 before completely vanishing. Extremely depressing, it’s the last achievement I need.


I was having an issue on my hunter as well when I tried the other day :frowning: I was looking through comments on a guide I had watched and someone said it was bugged and can’t be solo’d anymore.

Currently attempting on my Frost Mage. Necrotic Plague is definitely bugged.

Must be a recent bug then because I was able to solo this on my frost mage some months ago.

Yeah it’s bugged, only in the last 1-2 months or so. The moment necrotic plague jumps to a ghoul, it’s game over for that plague. It will kill the ghoul, and not jump again after that.

At the moment you CANNOT solo it.

I managed to nab the achievement yesterday, after trying on-and-off for the past 2 months and failing because of the bug.

Here’s the strategy myself and a guildie used:

  • Need a class with a pet or something other than yourself that can tank (like an ox or something). I’m a BM hunter, and my friend was a rogue.

  • Started the scenario. I put my pet in passive and got him to use roar on the Lich King, and put him on stay near the base of the stairs. Pet then maintained aggro of LK, so we wouldn’t accidentally kill him.

  • Rogue and myself then derped around until one of us got the plague.

  • Then we ran to the other side of the boss area, and let the plague bounce between us.

  • Here’s the crucial bit: the plague CANNOT jump to a drudge ghoul at ANY time, as it will fall off after the ghoul dies.

  • We couldn’t get the ghouls to stop coming to us, even with feign death/misdirect/stealth, so we killed the ones that came to us before the plague jumped to them. We made sure that we were far, far away from everything else when the buff was about to expire, and stacked on each other.

  • It took us only 2 goes to refine our strategy, and worked!

tl;dnr: plague can’t jump to a ghoul ever. bring a friend and let it bounce between you.


yep, was really excited to get the ICC achievement mount, but the necrotic plague isn’t stacking because it isn’t jumping between ghouls during the LK fight. Blizzard please help/address.


spent 3 hours today trying to figure out what was going on… glad i found this thread. :frowning:

So I just did this achievement. It was bugged, it wouldn’t jump to the ghouls. I was on my ret pally and my buddy was on his balance druid. What ended up working was when we got the plague the person who didn’t have the stack would stand between the person with the stack and the lich King. We kept going around in a circle, killing the adds when he spawned them. Hope this helps. (Did it in 25 man)

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@Caerra that strat was perfect, my feral druid friend and I got it thanks to your strat :D, Many thanks.

Experiencing the same bug with the plague not stacking on the ghouls. Hope it is fixed soon.

Also trying to get the achievement but cannot by myself. This has been an issue for a while and I eagerly await for Blizzard to get on this.

it can be done with 2 people with a pet easily just let pet keep aggro of everything and just stand there. while u and buddy just stand elsewhere. distance doesnt matter but stay at least 30 yards away to be safe and kill any ghouls that come towards you. stand ontop of buddy and let it stack to 30 between you 2. if u dont have a pet then just bring a 3rd person to make it easy or the 2 of u could stand inside each other i heard from a utube comment. i gues it jumps to the closest target?

Do it with a friend, and one of you on a brewmaster monk. Ox statue makes the achievement total child’s play. Literally afk for 5m while stacks build up, then walk over and hit arthas.

YES!!! I was doing the same thing for like 2 hours wondering why the plague didnt jump!!! Please fix this BLIZZ, at its current state itll take a miracle for people to finish the achievement and get the mount!

I finally got this to work tonight on my warlock with my husband doing the 10 man achieve. We just killed all the adds as soon as they popped up and it bounced between us both. Every time it would jump to me it would gain 2-3 stacks so it went fairly quick. We tried last week and left the adds up and kept running into the issue of the stacks not going past 2 or falling off completely.

I did it on my 110 pally and it just wouldn’t stack even with 60-90 adds . I jumped to 1 ghoul which gave it 2 stack , died and it never stacked again.

Tried to get the achievement today, same issue. Finally found this thread after hours of following every walk through and video I could. Plagues disappear and don’t stack when they bounce to a ghoul. Couldn’t get more than 2 stacks