I've been gone a few years. :\

Hey there! I’ve been gone 4 years or so, and am thinking of coming back to Shadow Council. I logged in a couple of times on my under-level-10 toon and was really shocked at how quiet it seemed to be. I don’t want to use the term ‘dead’. o.O Seems lots has happened in my absence.

I hear that some people and entire guilds transferred off SC and went to other realms. My guild is still on SC as far as I can tell. (my low level toon isn’t in my current guild, The Meddlers).

I hope to return soon; it’s a matter of $, as I am on a small fixed income, and from the price of a game token on the AH, it’s out of my gold range too. o.O

I wonder what happened to some of my friends’ guilds such as The Silver Dragoons, Order of the Nightsabre, and… heck it’s been so long I can’t remember many more! Hehe.

I don’t even know who from my time on WoW (I played for 10 years!) even reads the forums. So very much has changed everywhere!

Anyway…! Cheers!

Celise T. Montgomery

Level 100 Destruction Warlock.

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Welcome back, good to hear from you!

I think most the guilds you’ve mentioned moved off server, though they seem to keep a ‘guild’ on this server and level their alts in them, because I see the tags now and then about town.

Things are pretty quiet leveling up. Nearly all the population is at max level at whatever the present expansion central city is. You may see a few more people around the level 20 zones, Darkshire and all that, because folks will be leveling up the fancy new allied races that start at 20.

At present it is a lull between raids/patches and a good chunk of the lot I run with (including myself) are using said lull to level up a character on the classic servers for giggles.

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Hey Paynifer! Good to hear from you! Yes, it’s quite a difference from when I was here last. Maybe too quiet? I think I might miss all the hustle and bustle.

Well, I’ll see how it goes when I return, which should be in a week’ish. I’m currently plinking around on an alt, but I can’t really /tell some folks I’ve seen in the who list because I don’t have an active subscription yet. Meh. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response! See you soon. :slight_smile:

Celise T. Montgomery McCaimbridge (I miss RP too!)

“Peace and quiet appeals to me…”


Look forward to seeing you around!

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Hi, Celise! I don’t know if you remember me. Crisell/Evelanne. I ran with The Meddlers quite a bit back in Circle of Solaris days. As far as I can tell Meddlers are still quite active. It is pretty quiet right now. Things liven up around the time new big patches release, and then it quiets down again a few months ago. It’s kind of how WoW is now.
I’m resubbing right now and may put a character in a more active guild to play around. :smiley:


whatever happened to my pal Rhoper?

Sigrid; formerly Arkhangel of Luna