Hello from Shadow Council. :)

Hi folks!

I’ve been gone from the game almost 4 years after playing for 10. I’ve decided to come back starting next week’ish; I think I -might- be able to afford it.

I logged in on my under-level-10 alt to have a look around, and wow, so many changes. After being gone so long, I will have to learn to play all over again. Heh. While I was in Stormwind, I dropped my pinata and shared teh Bubblegums! And of course, paper airplanes. Not much else to do without an active account. :smiley:

Since a number of friends and acquaintances have moved to Moon Guard, I thought I’d post here to say hello to them. So… HELLO! :smiley: -waves to everyone- Maybe some will even remember me. :slight_smile:

I’m still in my guild (The Meddlers), and will need to catch up with them to see all what’s going on.

In other news, I sure miss RP.

Oh and I did post the other day for the first time in ages in the Shadow Council forum:

and news about my sistah Warlock Elzabetha:

Hope to see some of you down the road. Stay safe!


Celise T. Montgomery McCaimbridge

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I used to play Ushkar and Rathekrel Hordeside on ShC, way, WAY back in the day. I’m just coming back from a break myself and probably rolling Alliance here. Didn’t really play A-side back then, but I remember the Meddlers from the forums, and remember them fondly.

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Hello Celise, I remember you, assuming you’re the same warlock Celise I remember. You might also remember me as my priest Daenerys. If you want an invite to Light Brigade reestablished here on Moon Guard you can whisper me or any officer, there’s usually one on at any given time.

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Nice to have a visitor from another server. I hope you enjoyed your time with us.

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Hi there Norenthel! Welcome back to you too! Yes, The Meddlers is full of nice people. Thanks for remembering them so fondly. See you in Azeroth!