Ivar Bloodfang is a pretty cool guy

A brief history of Ivar Bloodfang and his pack of feral worgen:

  • They were some of the first feral worgen to attack the Gilnean humans during the kingdom’s isolation, spreading the curse.
  • He allied his pack with Darius Crowley’s Gilneas Liberation Front after the Forsaken invasion, and together he and Crowley started converting the surviving humans of Silverpine and Tirisfal into worgen. After Crowley is compelled by Sylvanas to retreat out of Silverpine, Ivar calls him a “miserable bastard” and continues the fight in Hillsbrad, working with the Stormpike.
  • The last we see of him until BfA is at Shadowfang Keep, where he directs Alliance adventurers to kill Lord Godfrey.
  • During BfA, he is initially involved in some of the war table missions (basically just killing Forsaken attempting to flee Tirisfal), then in 8.1 he appears at Darkshore alongside several packmates, pledging that he and his pack “will hunt the Forsaken into extinction.” Presumably his appearance is not based on any loyalty to the night elves or Greymane, but rather Darkshore just happens to be the best place to kill Forsaken.

I imagine he’s returned to Silverpine post-armistice to terrorise undead villages or w/e, but I hope we see more of him. He works well as an antagonist to the Forsaken given his hatred is absolute, he won’t ever negotiate and because he’s willing to do absolutely anything to kill them.


I too wish to see more of Ivar, along with Darius. They could offer different insights to the curse and expand worgen culture especially with Ivar. Having the main representation be Genn is not fun.

buuuut I think we know where Blizzard is going with the worgen after the heritage quest.


Worgen really got screwed on that one, huh, especially with the armor itself. Sheesh.

Ivar is cool. It would be nice to have him back more prominently with Belmont, those two make for a fun combo/rivals. We’ll see if the Worgen/Forsaken thing gets expanded at all… ever.


It’d certainly be interesting to learn more about Ivar, maybe explore how he has his wits about him without special nelf juice. It seems kinda odd that he shows up in Darkshore given that Crowley basically abandoned the Bloodfang pack at the end of Silverpine questing.

Further, it’s a little strange that the Gilneans fall in with the Bloodfang given that the Bloodfang were slaughtering them and spreading infection before the arrival of the Forsaken. However, it could have been a lovely chance for some narrative tension there. I suppose there’s still room for that to be explored now if Blizzard doesn’t handwave it.


Daddy Ivar <3

I’ll say. The entire story was about how they’re NOT worgen, they’re Gilnean humans. Being a worgen is just a bad happenstance that needs to be defeated and put behind them as soon as possible. Also, the heritage armor itself is godawful. There were so many designs they could’ve gone with that would’ve been great, but instead they went with a hideous mess.


Feral Worgen are extremely cool and I like how they blend perfectly with NEs.
I also really love how Worgens were portraied in Darkshore. Some were even part of the Army of teh Dark Moon, some like Ivar were like a feral Guerilia strike force.

Just imagine how it looks like when in a dark forest only lightend up by a lunar eclipse you hear howling and growling and then just blood, fangs and claws.
Basically like in Terrors of Darkshore but even more feral. Malfurion was like a Knife, precise and clean.
These Worgens are just ripping things apart.

I relly, REALLY hope when Blizz finally has to redo NE zones and a Capital that the feral parts of Gilnean society plays a bigger role there.
I like my fluffy good bois.


Maybe I’m missing something but weren’t Ivar’s pack originally murderers as well as helping ruin Gilneas by spreading the curse? According to Wowpedia, it sounds like his group started out as Sylvanas’s patsies and it’s weird to think that the Gilneans would just accept him so readily after what he helped do to them in the first place. Or does the game just not address that?


Indeed. First they allied with the Forsaken against Gilneas, but then the Forsaken began hunting them too. And when Crowley later meets with Ivar to gain him as an ally against Sylvanas, Ivar accuses him of abandoning them and leaving them to die which is…pretty hypocritical given his history. He is definitely a shady figure.


Sounds actually like a cool character.
Though I wonder how much of it has been retconed now. For some reasons characters in WoW have to be completely linear.

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Never said he wasn’t :wink: One doesn’t have to exclude the other.

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Yeah, shady characters can be cool. I was just wondering if the game ever addressed it or not, because it seems like a waste to ignore it.

Edit: vvv Troll mask item from a removed TBC Zul’Aman quest I had stashed in my bank.


How do you make your profile picture like that?

“You don’t have to be worgen to be Gilnean” is such a bizarre take on the worgen experience. I really do want to know what the devs think the appeal of worgen is to players.


Blizz absolutely flubbed it but the curse apparently isn’t passed on to children so it would be a little odd to take the opposite stance.

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You don’t have to take the opposite stance. Of all the avenues to take, the one they did was most confusing because it did nothing to continue the worgen, it answered a question that didn’t need answering.


Yeah, everything I’ve heard says that its less Worgen heritage and more Gilnean heritage so the Worgen get thrown under the bus in what’s supposed to be a celebration/commemoration of them and their struggles.

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That heritage questline, plus the fact that Genn is the only important Gilnean in worgen form you interact with(Darius was going to be in Legion), just really makes me wonder where the devs want to go with worgen.

Does anyone remember if there were any worgen in the Gilneas settlement in Legion?


I took a look for you and the answer is no.


Thank you.

Unfortunately I’m not surprised.