Iv Just Been Auto banned for lag . Need unban ASAP im main support For BWL

I have just been banned. from what we can tell its because i was teleporting about in DM tribute due to lag i have a clip on my twitch.
this happend a few more times as i was trying to get out and i think your system picked this up as hacking. i Play from UK on Oceanic server and have had this lag thing once before but only once in mc weeks ago. i am a core hunter in ur raid for BWL please unban me fast! much love your fellow hunter Herco

My Guild have put many hours into the release bwl need fast support TY HEROES


You’ll need to appeal via your email, which you should have received if it was a ban/suspension. You can’t appeal via the forums.


i have done that aswell but bwl release is real soon and its going to ruin the guilds goals. 40 raid ready plus the extra 100 in guild supporting our efforts for world first. The Service is rubbish. says reply withing 24 hours its not good enough

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it is what it is. The forums are not a means to circumvent ticket queues nor is it a point of contact to the GMs. Sorry, but you are gonna have to wait til your ticket is reviewed.


And that’s unfortunate, but you’ll have to wait. There’s no way to speed up or bypass the process via the forums, regardless of what you need to do in the game :slight_smile:

Keep in mind, most bans are not instant. This could relate to something in the past. Also, Blizzard can usually tell if someone is lagging, versus other reasons people ‘teleport’ around the game. A lot of people lag.

An appeal is seen by a new set of eyes, and they review their logs versus what someone ‘sees’ in the game. In addition, bans aren’t automated.


I see your appeal, Herko. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a way to speed that up.


Other people are in line ahead of you. It’s not rubbish. You’re not any more or less important than them.


I play from Eastern Canada. I have characters on the EU servers, the NA ones, and the Oceanic ones. I average 115-125ms lag on the EU realms, 50-60ms on the realms in Chicago, 110-115ms one the realms in Los Angeles, and 200-300ms to the Oceanic realms. Rubber-banding doesn’t cause bans.

To address the comment made in your title, there are no auto-bans. The only “automatic” system is the squelch one for reporting spam. That is limit the damage from gold-sellers and the like. Bans/suspensions are applied by a human being who has investigated the report. They aren’t automatic.


Please unban him.

Thank you.


No one in here can do that. He needs to wait on his appeal to be answered.


No one on the forum is on the team that is involved with account actions. They can only be reached via the ticketing system. One of the stickies covers this:

As a reminder, the Customer Support forum is not an alternative contact point for In-Game, Technical or Account Support. To request assistance, please contact our customer support staff directly through our Support Site .

For account actions, this article applies: