It's time to ban AV premaders. There is no plausible deniability anymore

Yes it is. How do you think it works?

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Why don’t you explain to me how the “premade channel” works and how you are “listening” to them.

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Okay. I am in their discord listening to their premade channel. The current premade system is pretty easy.

They start by having some scouts join various AV games to get a sense of how much time is left on the clock. When the game is approximately 5 minutes from ending, the scout reports back into the waiting for queue channel that has several hundred people waiting. They all queue for that specific AV number (not first available) and then because of Blizzard’s last fix to premades, they get put into a priority queue by waiting that 5 minutes it took for the game to end. This allows them to consistently put 30 - 35 people into the same AV lobby just like before.

Once they have several premade lobbies rolling they don’t have to use scouts anymore because the people that are rolling in the premade group can just report back to the main waiting for queue lobby when their game is about to end.

Then they just rinse and repeat.

You can go listen yourself by joining their channel: discord. gg /avpremade


This is false…believe it or not but some of us, many of us PvP strictly for fun, don’t care about titles or winning a race to kill an NPC. Fun for some of us is a 1-2hr AV where the factions fight each other, that is hard to accomplish when one faction can premade while the other can’t. Let me ask you this, would you as a premade player be willing to only go against a premade group? I HIGHLY doubt it.

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The patch made clear Blizzard was trying to prevent AV games starting empty on the Alliance-side due to premade groups dropping the queue and leaving the lobby without 30+ players at the beginning.

The latest patch had nothing to do with preventing premades, it only had to do with “unfortunate behaviors” of 30 people dropping queue and leaving the Alliance undermanned at the start of AV. This is why they removed numbers from the queue pop and prevented AV from starting without 20 players.

The new method of doing a premade no longer has this “unfortunate behavior” because everyone is required to take the queue and join the battleground to see which number they got into. No games start empty because of premades, and no “unfortunate behavior” (e.g., in the post-patch Horde meta of camping multiple graveyards and the cave without capturing any flags for 30 minutes) is occurring by Alliance premades.


If that was true, why did they change how queue for first available works? They went out of their way to break premades by pooling the hundreds of alliance who join the first available queue over a five minute period and then distribute them evenly to various games specifically and explicitly to prevent them from running premades. This is why alliance has an artificial 5 minute queue.


No one is doing AV for the PVP so keep lying to yourself.

You will never see this with the AV version that was released so stop being delusional.

I didn’t get Justicar on my retail mage by dodging premades. You realize that before x-realm BGs 95% of all WSG and AB games were premade vs premade at lvl 60? It’s also like you have no clue that rated BGs exist in retail.

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What an absolute cry baby. My daughters have more backbone than this alliance whiner.

The I Spy dude is pretty cringe too, some serious validation needs there.

“Dear Diary, today I eavesdrop on Discord and run to the forums and breathlessly report - people being people.”


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This new way results in no empty AV games with only 10 ally pugs. Problem solved


I still dont see a ‘queue as raid’ button. Weird.


Exactly. Blizzard doesn’t want to lose out on what., let’s say around… 1,000 or so paid subrscribers a month? Why would they ban them? It’s not in their best interest from a business perspective

And it is only a matter of time before the right-click report abuse comes back.

It’s fun when you have 40 PvP oriented players and a map that favors you at the start and favors your defense. I agree there. It’s not fun, however, when you have 5-10 people that have to carry 30 people that are either botting or AFK. (so we premade)


They changed the “first available que” because that was the meta to do a premade and thus screw the other alliance pugs if they decided to drop. That is the contention here.
Bonified complaints about this were more from Alliance pug players and rightfully so.
Now that’s obsolete, all games are full. Regardless of how many premaders manage to get into a game, the games will always be filled. Blizzard addressed the unfairness of a 40 vs 10 start on both sides of the coin.
Horde is just salty they cant get 5k max honor and camp GYs.
Be happy Horde, que times are about to get better for you.


Do you seriously reeeeeeeeee screech about premades 24/7?

Do you even play wow?


As i’ve stated before, you’re not winning this one.

Why do you continue? Lol

Edit; The zug zug is strong with this one.


Instead of bans just strip all their pvp titles and awards and make them restart the honor grinds. Repeat if repeat offender


We got the Police in here now boys, watch out.


It’s funny that all of you think premading requires ZERO pvp… when every other game we ended with 200-300 HKs, and a max of 10 deaths. That’s PvP friend. That’s us STOMPING you out… in PvP… We still earned it, and are better at earning it. I’m sorry we are competitive in nature and don’t want to roll over to 100% loss in AV pugs all day.

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