It's So Refreshing Seeing People Graveyard Running


Watching some streams of the Classic Beta… It’s so refreshing seeing people do a corpse run… This never happens anymore while questing… So good actually having danger in the world.

(Crowlay) #2

Yet mob scaling is a problem. This community is nothing if not contradictory.

(Baridorielor) #3

I’m going to call your bluff.

(Jalën) #4

On what exactly? Nothing in the open world is really dangerous anymore. They just do enough to keep the mobs relevant but you can solo pretty much everything.

(Baridorielor) #5

Not saying “nothing is dangerous in the open world” is a lie, i’m saying that “nobody ever coapse runs anymore while questing” is a lie. I seen plenty of dead people while i was questing and such.

(Jalën) #6

You’re right in that aspect that it’s untrue. Won’t deny that. It’s just not as rough as it used to be compared to Classic.

(Ruddypiper) #7

Mountains. Mountains are always dangerous. Particularly when faced with a 10 minute circuitous path to the destination right below you versus hopefully surviving the fall.

Streamers who have played WoW for years while also streaming suddenly being “overwhelmed” by the difficulty of Classic is hard to believe vs streamers dying for effect in their streams.

(Jalën) #8

Meh. I’m a Hunter I have disengage for that situation.

I would then make the assumption that you haven’t really looked at the streams too hard then. If you pull more than 2 mobs you were pretty much dead.

(Ruddypiper) #9

Your point? If you played WoW and have any knowledge of Classic then you know not to do that. Thus if you are dying to mobs in Classic you are doing so for the lulz and views and not due to the “difficulty”.


I’m not trying to be rude or anything, just one note: Maybe this thread would be better at the Classic section of the forum :slight_smile:

It passes the sensation that people who are hyped for classic want to invalidate those who prefer retail

(Jalën) #11

You can know something and still make a mistake. Patrolling mobs, face pulling or kiting 1 mob and running into a group of more can all lead to deaths. Again, having knowledge does not all of a sudden make you immune to making the mistake.

(Ruddypiper) #12

Situational awareness. If the mobs are more difficult you assess and plan ahead. Therefore knowledge still works.

(Rhielle) #13

Mob scaling complaints have nothing to do with difficulty. It’s about never getting more powerful or out leveling old things. It’s about zero sense of progression.

(Jalën) #14

And from the stream when I was watching Asmongold play, that’s what they did when they entered a cave full of ogres. They face pulled mobs, LoS’d the casters to bring them closer and got through it just fine. Only to get killed by crocolisks by the lake later on.

Again, you can have knowledge and situational awareness and still make mistakes. From what I’ve seen, Classic WoW is very unforgiving when it comes to you versus a full pack of mobs. And I personally can’t wait to play it.


Without scaling the aggro range was huge for mobs higher level than you. 1 can turn into 3 or 4 quickly and if you cant heal or feign death youll be running back.

(Summerayné) #16

A lot of these people had been playing Vanilla WoW on private servers for years, which were far from being accurate from the real Vanilla.

Many of these people assumed the private servers were accurate and have went into beta thinking they have this down to a science and that it’s going to be a cakewalk. They have been proven very wrong and are quickly realizing the private servers were not as accurate as they thought.

I have saw a number of streams where they are constantly talking about how things they did on private servers just won’t work in Classic because the mobs are tougher, the mobs have abilities they didn’t realize they had, higher armor, resistances, etc. They thought they knew the perfect techniques, mage farming spots, leveling paths, etc., and have been proved wrong.

I have watched them die in frustration and watched a Stockades run yesterday. They were beyond shocked when mobs respawned in the dungeon, something that did happen in Vanilla. They were struggling with the Stockades and wiped.

So basically, you say they have been playing Vanilla for years. No, no they weren’t. Now they are playing true Vanilla.

(Summerayné) #17

What you have been seeing on the streams isn’t an act for views as some people are saying. I know this because I played Vanilla WoW when it was live, and what we are seeing in the beta on these streams, is exactly how it was back then.

People whose primary Vanilla experience happened on private servers are going to be in for a rude awakening. I think it’s a bit funny.

(Cangremon) #18

I still manage to get myself killed while levelling.

(Eret) #19

---------> that way to classic forums

(Erelir) #20

Sounds like a blast. :roll_eyes: