"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"

With all these people who know everything that happens and would know of any bugs then obviously know of every instance ever created in the game and how each of those went including who got what and when that happened. Blizzard should offer them all a chance to donate their time with showing the logs and proof that they know right and Blizzard is just lying.

I still don’t understand about the layering other than really basic in just hope into a different instance of said server. Don’t need to know more. Blizzard used it. People knew how to exploit it. Blizzard gave blah remarks which seems standard. People raised awareness. Blizzard does something about it. Blizzard is still making money from us all. Blizzard is happy and very few are going “I am leaving”.

I would rather be playing and enjoying myself than sit for hours on forums complaining about how others are taking advantage of Blizzard’s decisions and how it is hurting me. I am willing to go farm for my stuff. I don’t look to be best in an MMORPG.

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we are not a cult

good lord, they DID run out and come back…a full day later. And the instance was completely reset, so resetting it again would have replaced like 6 trash mobs.

People need to get their heads around the fact that the instance bugged out completely and reset itself on them. There was no layer weirdness, they didn’t respawn bosses in front of themselves.

So the content creators immune to the bans? Sure seems like it

Also letting Esfand pretend like he didn’t know what was going on in MC was a nice joke, they’ve been doing it to farm instance gear the entire time.

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Those streamers were the ones leading that mass. You don’t like it. Tough. Facts a fact.

No…are you truly this incompetent.

What i literally said was that the bug also happened in vanilla in 2004. Multiple times…and guess what we didn’t have streamers. And guess what again…blizzard didn’t take peoples gear
…and guess what once more

…the bug will mosy likely happen multiple more times to non streamers and they will be allowed to run the raid again.

When it happened to my guilds raid. Blizzard said we could run it again…oh…guess what. No streamers in our group.

Get over your self righteous egotism.

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Talking about streamers.

The majority only got a week. However streamers who are in the public eye got between 1 to 3 months ban. Preach got a 3 month ban from it.

My favorite experience in vanilla was finding a horde character zone into our MC instance. That was fun.

Blizzard Muted my account, silencing voices in order to try to control issues. Very sad.

Blizzard has given permission and is defending streamers abusing, cheating, and exploiting.


Reported, again.

Their ilk?? Are you serious? I dont watch them much either but guy theyre just like everyday people bad and good not all of them are hyped up 20 year olds that scream all day

No you got muted for making an issue out of something that doesn’t exist and is only in your head.

If I’m wrong and i’m happy to admit it if i am, please link a VoD, YouTube clip, anything of streamers using an exploit that others got banned for and streamers didn’t.

Because not posting on a classic character invalidates someone’s contribution to the topic? And why/how does that even affect you?

Take your trolling elsewhere please.

not a classic character, invalid opinion, everyone disregard

non multi-boxers are QQ

…What are…this is…This thread was about the layering exploit a month ago. Why would you necro this?