It's Long Over-Due; Overhaul Affliction Warlock

Now Blizzard, you have done so much (For everyone else, a las, again you ignore the Affliction Warlock cry for attention, I am unsure if you just don’t hear them or if you just ignore them. What I do know is, there are many, upon many, cries for your gaze upon us.

Why for do you ignore the only dungeon summoner. Why have you forsaken the dotting crews of people whom; got one update in the last 5 years; a spell not even related to dots that has much, and I mean, much debate over; Maleficent Rapture.

You never come to our aid, so much so, the Affliction warlocks are rare; oh sure they are out there, but more like the 1 in every 100,000 players (I would be extremely interested in the actual number) – Sure there are warlocks out there, but very rarely an Affliction.

We haven’t been any good since, legion; it is time for an overhaul and some love; or have you forsaken us forevermore.



You do realize Aff has already been reworked once this expansion ‘right?

Personally i think Blizz should ignore aff lock who wants a total rework of the spec. It will ends up like Marks when they reworked it in the middle of Legion and then the spec ****** *** for multiple years until very recently.

Aff is fine as it is. Damage is too low outside of the legendaries and they could definitely boost the damage of the dots a bit again but it’s fun to play as it is. Only rework i would do is change MR so it has an identity. Right now it’s kind of meh! specially with the Drain Soul legendary. Maybe just remove MR and make UA the single target shard spender. As it is MR does aoe but it’s kind of the seed niche.

Personally i think it’s the most fun spec to play in pve. Can’t stand Demono. Destruction is fine when you reach 40+ haste but you can’t do that until the last patch.

they just need to reverse the nerf to single target and keep the seed buff, affliction fixed, just saying blizzard. Also for pvp return the slow lego as it was too.


What if they extended DoT durations so we aren’t so globally starved?

What if they buffed shadow bolt damage so it was worth casting and Nightfall was actually a cool proc?

What if they introduced a nature school of poison/disease based magic, for when you get kicked/silenced on shadow.

What if they introduced a Seed of Agony, too?

This kind of stuff would be cool for Raids, PvP and M+

I find lock to be very fun right now in the rare case when you’re free casting and damage is rolling. But it feels like DoTs are over before you can get any damage going, because all brackets of gameplay deal with interruptions to your literal 15 seconds of setup. Any of the above stated can help with that.

I think it would be cool if they took away spells from druids who literally get to do everything. They have a ton of oh %#€^ buttons when they’re being blown up in PvP, they have mobility, their heals when not specced resto are still insane, they have high damage, meanwhile locks have hearthstone and a 3 min cd wall, what a joke. They clearly don’t want affliction to work in PvP.

That’s an extreme example, druid is a particularly tough matchup.

Also no because I play with a rdru :joy:

Maybe make MR instant (still on GCD) and have it do x% of the DoT Damage remaining. This would give us an actual burst window like every other spec.

This means ideally the burst window can be predicted, because you will want all refreshed DoTs and therefore countered by good players to offer some player skill into the equation.

Hell, I got instant Judgements hitting me 3 times in just seconds for 5-6k a pop at 32% versatility. That’s what my cast time MR does with a full round of CD Dots.

It would also force some decisions on the part of healers to dispel and take the UA hit, or try to CC the lock until the CD Dots fall off.

my thoughts again on how they should fix afl lock:

It’s hard enough to get 1 UA off. I have no interest in spamming it out again.

I think it would help more if they just extended DoT duration and reverted rapture and sacrolash. Damage isn’t really a major issue, it’s largely the fact we’re global starved. Casting more spells sounds like a nightmare.

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It’s Long Over-Due; plsbuffdestro

pls I-on