It's insanity

After being ganked nonstop by horde in droves, I had enough and try to revenge gank on my 70, they bring a 70 after I get them back and warn them to leave me alone and I’m like “ALRIGHT LETS GET IT ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” but I’m blocked from seeing them because they’re on another layer. Go back onto my alt and not even 5 mobs later, another bunch of hordies swarm the area I’m in and camp me and another alliance for a solid 30 minutes. It’s embarrassing on the communities part and embarrassing on blizzard’s part for refusing to acknowledge the severe imbalance on most servers.

Hordies have no consequences for being on horde anymore and even if they drive us off, they still have pvp.

Instead of acknowledging this issue, Blizzard is granting horde OUR bg queues and an option for when alliance do quit due to horde overpopulation. The only reason to play alliance on a pvp server, aside from nostalgia, were the queues and their fix for it is giving us 3g/bg. I can go slap one mob in SMV and get that gold. This wpvp was really fun back in the beginning when it was barely 45/55, but now that my server is 30/70, because of Blizzard’s negligence, it just isn’t worth and it’s not fun.

This isn’t fun, this has never been fun and it’s such a slap in the face and was a massive waste of my time and everyone else who rolled alliance to try and prevent this massive screw up. I will not transfer to pagle because ActiBlizzard sucks at their jobs (or are they just smart conartists?) and wants a quick buck. This overpopulation is a direct result of the faction v faction bg’s.

One thing that drove me mad was this statement from Kaivex, most likely a horde player on the DL. GLOBALLY, the imbalance is small. In the US, the place where we’re currently talking about, on PVP servers, where the imbalance ACTUALLY matters, the imbalance is MASSIVE! 40/60 across all servers, that’s over 20k more players on horde. Most of the servers are not populated by enough alliance and it’s plummeting. This statement is a manipulation of data, just like the president saying “new jobs are being made daily!” No, old jobs from corona are reopening, creating the illusion of new jobs.

As an og hordie, I DO want horde to play bg’s, but there needs to be a better solution and there ARE better solutions to this problem and horde players need to stop acting like this will solve issues. Only thing I have left to say is, good luck to the alliance players that are being left in the dust. I hope you enjoy one of the best games and best expansions ever made and I hope blizzard grows a set and fixes this problem with the many solutions provided to them.

TLDR: I’ve had enough of the slaps in the face. I just want a proper fix for my favorite game. It’s driving me and many others to quit or rerolling to horde and getting burnt out and quitting during the leveling process. This isn’t sustainable and it’s sad to see it in such a poor state with a company that once made games to be fun. PLEASE help fix the problem, blizzard. Don’t make it worse. Alliance want to enjoy the game too. :frowning:


just give up bro
it’s hordie town
we have to accept our place as 2nd class citizens of WoW


You’ll take your netherweave cloth and you’ll like it!


I feel like more needs to be done.

The fact that they had to say globally tells me they had no choice but too to try and downplay the situation.

If 80% of Alliance players are in Asia that doesn’t really mean anything for US/EU/ Oceanic imbalances.


Just reroll. Wasn’t that your answer?


“That just isn’t an option”

K your line now


It actually becomes pathetic how hard blizzard tries to manipulate data with word play or lack of words in general pertaining to important information about the stats they spit out, like the 50/50 winrate the other day.

This is just another case of blizzard refusing to be transparent


Uhhhhhh Tldr

You know you can transfer to a PvE server right bro? I think you need to for your mental health.


Is that an actual reward for ally?

Do you have a reliable source to back up this claim? Cause I’m gonna go with what the blue said over some rando on the forums. Just sayin’.

Especially since every other Joe blow is claiming the sky is falling, the game is dying, etc. (the list goes on) … meanwhile, a lot of people are still playing daily. :man_shrugging:t2:

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So, PvP happened on a PvP server?


Yup, that’s why I said second to last time they posted about this stuff that the information they presented may as well not have been listed because it was just a bunch of smoke and mirrors trying to promote the illusion that everything is fine and ya just need to believe in blizzard…

Trouble is nothing will change until racial abilities are removed completely and Blizz allows a portion of the horde to join Alliance.

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Easy, just quit. Faction balance sucks now and it’s only going to get worse.

I also liked the “world pvp deaths have been roughly 50:50” part when there are way more horde players. Just disingenuous rubbish from Blizzard as usual.


This isn’t your personal blog

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Alliance mad that Horde get to play the game.

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Just let me transfer off Alliance onto horde now AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i only rolled Ally for the queue times

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Obviously a lot of people are still playing, but alliance is falling. You can see it on if you search for american/OCE servers only and on the servers where population imbalance matters, the pvp servers, you’ll see the alliance pop falling daily. Don’t need to be a bootlicker.

I am an OG hordie. I’ve been horde since actual vanilla. Sorry you can’t read. :slight_smile:

If believing someone who has legitimate information over a site unaffiliated with Blizzard makes me a “boot licker,” then so be it.

Sad you have to follow up your nonsense with an insult.

Get back to me when you have a legitimate source which provides actual numbers and I might take you more serious.