It's insanity

Why are you constantly rezzing just to be ganked again for en entire 30 minutes? Just go somewhere else or move layers

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Layers are horde favoritism!

I guess it wasn’t that fun if the Alliance left. Too many people rolled on PvP servers that shouldn’t have.

Um… what? It was already 40/60 on PvP servers and skewing more towards Horde before Blizz did anything. Too many people took the easy reroll Blizz offered them with the boost and went Horde for TBCC.

:rofl: you serious man?

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Looks like horde won the faction war boys!

I suspect this is partly the reason for faction imbalance as well on PvP servers. You had all the streamers hyping up PvP servers…then a bunch of Twitch sheep who in reality are all PvE-minded rolled on PvP servers. Those Alliance then realized they were having a miserable time and either transferred to PvE servers—or just flat out quit. Leaving the Horde (who I think a majority knew what they were getting into rolling on a PvP server) with more numbers because of less fallout.

Again, I’ll state Do you choose to ignore the legitimate source I gave you? It seems most horde players do.

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“legitimate source”

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I don’t think you were horde since vanilla. Nice try.

So, articulate the problem, and the solution?

I mean I could tell you my perspective on the problem, but I doubt you want that.

That’s today’s generation of gamers. :roll_eyes:

Blame everyone but yourself and demand a solution!

That’s how we do it on the forums!


“Population of active characters according to raids uploaded to WarcraftLogs and players appearing on PvP Leaderboards Use filter below to filter only PvE or PvP data”

It’s just the population of raids that use warcraftlogs and arena players, if you don’t do either of those things, you don’t get counted.

Not a legitimate source.

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Gives a ballpark idea, but it’s not accurate i agree.

Per your supposed “source” right at the very top.

Population of active characters according to raids uploaded to WarcraftLogs and players appearing on PvP Leaderboards

That’s a pretty narrow scope to be relying on for accurate numbers reflecting the player base of all servers.

There are A LOT of people who have never once uploaded anything to Warcraft logs and just as many who PVP, but not competitively.

So again … get back to me when you have a legitimate source of information reflecting the actual player base. You won’t have it, because only Blizzard knows … and they’ve provided a response regarding it which you choose not to believe because you think the sky is falling and it fits your narrative to rely on a second hand website.

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