Its apparent people want RDF

What makes you think that raiding (or logging raiding) and pvp are a decent measure of activity?

While I’m not sure, to be honest, how good or not it is, if I were to guess, I suspect it might be more accurate for Classic than for Retail.

In any case, would you be so kind as to provide some links, or an explanation as to how one would use warcraft logs to see the numbers of people raiding and PVPing in both Classic and Retail?

What I have been going off of have been things like these posts:

As of 2022, around 4.8 million people subscribe to World of Warcraft.

Last 30 Days, average monthly players: 5,560,501 monthly gain/loss: 459,054, loss %: 0.09, Peak Players in a Day: 500,445.00

Subscribers: 120,538,541, Daily Players: 2,290,232

Which are all different, and I’m not sure how accurate any of them are, but it’s something rather than nothing, just as IronForgePro is something rather than nothing (raid logs) for gauging WoW Classic population.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve seen any source that suggests anything other than there being substantially (exponentially) more people playing Retail than Classic, but I don’t know how to verify that. If you could provide whatever insight you may have, that might be helpful.

Blizzard did not poll the playerbase on RDF for wrath. Brian Birmingham straight up lied and said the players don’t want it, using a poll from vanilla classic wow to justify that decision. It’s pretty simple math, however. Boosts are 1 per account, if they hold off on RDF until P3, then implement it after the inevitable drop in boost sales, they can maximize their profit from selling boosts. Otherwise, everybody would just use RDF to level their alts through classic and tbc, because the social fabric is important when you’re racing through dead content to get to the actual place everybody else is playing.


you mean like how “MAJORITY OF THE PLAYERBASE WANTS RDF!!!” that the forums keep parroting is speculation?


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Best take I’ve seen on RDF so far. It makes sense.

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Not when we have a good amount of evidence that can point in that direction.

Saying that Blizzard did a poll about the subject that never happened is just a lie. There’s a huge difference.

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They don’t care and you aren’t getting RDF.

precedent doesn’t mean much.
in this context, it means the idea has been tried before and lots of people didn’t like what the feature did to the game.
so if it has precedent, it’s bad precedent.

There are a ton of people here to replay Wrath so clearly the game, as it was, made a positive impression on people.

Also precedent means a lot in this context of listing out silly nonsense ideas that nobody wants vs things that were actually in the game that people enjoyed.

So it having precedent is both significant and good.


the fact that RDF used to be in the game at one point does not mean it should be added again.

Because in blizzards eyes, 20% is a higher number than 80% (only 20% of the people don’t want it, gotta love american math, makes people even argue with a calculator…)

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The fact that dual specs were in Wrath doesn’t mean they should be added again. They took away the immersive social fun of having to spend gold to respec constantly. I also don’t like battlegrounds and arena existing. I think that if you PvP you should have to PvP in the open world because it is more social and creates a more interactive world of social experiences and immersion. See I can make stupid suggestions too.


Blizzard devs have a loose association with the truth. They listen to their egos rather that actually think.


This is simply not true. What logs are you looking at exactly? I’m assuming you just clicked the latest retail raid and checked all parses for all DPS specs? Am not sure if you are aware but a patch just dropped 2 weeks ago, and WCL separates logs into difficulties and patches, so for the current patch what you’re saying is true…except it’s flawed statistics because Sunwell logs aren’t split into patches. It’s just the whole phase.

So yes while 600k warlocks have parsed in Sunwell there have been more overall parses for the previous patch alone for normal Sepulcher.

sorry to say but you have absolutely no idea how to read logs.

they said the same thing about flying in wod and classic servers


Well it does, but that isn’t the point. The point is that it means it has precedent to being added to the game while things that were never a part of the game do not have any precedent.

And because we are here to play Wrath and not some other game it makes the most sense to leave it as it was.

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so? an idea without precedent can be and often is just as good an idea as one with precedent.

You’re posting in an echo chamber.

That is why you think the majority of people want it.

100% agree. I personally dont want RDF, but i do want Queue for BGs anywhere.

Same argument can be said about wbuffs in vanilla. Just because you think the devs said it was a bug doesn’t mean they need to take it away.

They allowed cross faction collusion, which was against tos in vanilla.

Stop making sense! Stop it! No RDF because me no want it!! They say no!! So NO!! Stop asking for it!! I don’t even know why I don’t want it anymore!! Errr wait it uhhh it ruins the already empty world! I made so many friends for life leveling my alts in stockades because we had to use the LookingForGroup channel!! My best friends and I we talk all the time. They say funny stuff like; “inv”, “ty”, “can I need”. It’s such an immersive magical experience!! Please don’t take it from me!! My social life will be ruined!!