It's a fact: The majority of users on here are trolls

It took me almost a decade to find this out. and today, it finally registered. The majority of users on these forums are trolls.

I don’t use that word lightly, as I understand what a forum troll is. Someone who intentionally says or does things to get an emotional reaction. I’d also like to suggest if people get frustrated easily, and don’t respond very well to being provoked, it’s best to just leave these forums and not look back.

Have you not noticed how everything eventually revolves around real world stuff? Controversial stuff? No matter what the topic is about? What’s worse, is that the status of your account can become victimized by these things, and likely get banned, because a group of trolls decide to mass flag your post, your account, etc,

Dark comedy, tongue-in-cheek statements, methods of coping with faults in the game are no longer a thing because of this.

Is the forum filled with cyber bullies? no.
Is the forum filled with trolls? Yes.
Is the wow forum toxic? I don’t know.

Why did I make this thread? Because I want everyone to be prepared, and to understand that there are trolls on this forum that likely outnumber genuine people. And keep in mind that there’s such a thing as an unintentional troll.

Stay frosty
Stay ready.


Oh so another drama in WRA forums. Ain’t surprised at all.

I am a night elf tyvm.


drama in WRA?

I actually don’t post on my Troll that often. :upside_down_face:


do the tusks get in the way of the keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:


You look like a Nightborne though.

I never troll, OP.

^^^ is it related to this ??


looks in mirror:thinking:

I identify as a ham and cheese sandwich.


I don’t think the majority of users are trolls but I do think some users like to stir the pot or cause discord by creating thread that will lead to a lot of arguments. I’ve even notice some threads that died get rez a month later and it starts all over again.

Man that’s a racisms

Sorry but last I checked I was not a troll.

I’m a blood elf, which means I’m equally annoying but better looking <3


Why do you think most players avoid these forums like the plague?

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I’m only here for the low brow entertainment and the vague interspecies sexual innuendo.


Aren’t we all though? Draenei are great.

I guess if i made one, it wasn’t funny. /shrug

I am a GNOME, thank you very much!


Gross. It’s speaking in public!

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