Items that should be included to the Currency Tab and the Toy Box!


I was questing in-game tonight and took note of some item(s) in my bank which should be added to the Currency Tab in-game, Along with the Toy Box. These item(s) have been a currency in-game for quite some time now and I’m surprised that they have not been added to the Currency Tab as of yet.

Some of these item(s) are only available during specific World Events such as the Darkmoon Faire, While others are tied to Pet Battles for example. I’ve compiled a short list of the item(s) that should be added to the Currency Tab. Below this list, I included a list for item(s) that should be part of the Toy Box!

Items that should be added:

  • Darkmoon Game Token
  • Mark of Honor
  • Polished Pet Charm
  • Shiny Pet Charm
  • Trial of Style Token

Additionally, I’ve compiled a list of item(s) that should be added to the Toy Box! Many of these item(s) should have been a part of the Toy Box for a while now. These are mostly item(s) that I’ve got stored in my main character’s bank. So there is very likely many more item(s) that should be added to this list!

Items that should be added:

  • Adept’s Guide to Dimensional Rifting
  • Anti-Doom Broom
  • A Tiny Voodoo Mask
  • Beginner’s Guide to Dimensional Rifting
  • Blue Anniversary Balloons
  • Chipped Demonic Key Stone
  • Corrupted Primal Obelisk
  • Direbrew’s Remote
  • Dream Catcher
  • Emblem of Margoss
  • Fire Watcher’s Oath
  • Ghostly Explorer’s Skull
  • Grindgear Toy Gorilla
  • Ingram’s Puzzle
  • Key to Nar’thalas Academy
  • Mana Divining Stone
  • Net-o-Matic 5000
  • Petey
  • Red Anniversary Balloons
  • Scary Ogre Face
  • Secret Fish Goggles
  • Sharpened Pin
  • Sp-eye-glass
  • Soulgrinder
  • Starlight Beacon
  • Stolen Ramkahen Banner
  • Suntouched Figurine

Any feedback is welcome! If any of you got any ideas for item(s) that should be on the Currency Tab or part of the Toy Box - Feel free to list them in this thread! :smiley:


Bag space is always an interesting topic to discuss. Each expansion we get a ton more materials for the various systems they put in game. It just takes up even MORE room - and when that expansion is over I feel like I have to get rid of the items which forces me to stop using whatever that system is. I think the intent is that if an item has to be looted and carried it has more of a “tangible presence” and feels more meaningful. You have to make a decision to carry it around or not. That is not always good though. We end up with a lot of clutter.

I think one of the more interesting compromises is the Anima system. We have to pick up tokens so quests and chests have a feeling of reward. However, rather than cluttering up our bags, we turn them into currency at the Covenant center. Imagine if we could do that with each expansion system? A station, NPC, box, whatever that holds all the various things we need. Archeology would benefit from that too - keys should be in my solve tabs if I want, not in my bags. I would love to turn them in somewhere to add them.

Even small changes can feel really good. Making materials for the Queen’s Conservatory stack in the last patch was very helpful, for example.

My bank on my main is always 100% full. I am a serious packrat. I will go through that I guess and list a bunch of stuff. I realize this is sort of minor compared to most issues, but bag space is a very real QoL issue.


While I do agree that some of these fit the bill as currencies, I would like to point out that some of them, like the marks of honor and polished pet charms, are account-wide items. Turning them into currencies would mean that you can no longer send them to your main or your alts, which won’t be an issue if you only farm them on one character. A solution to that would be to make some currencies account wide… or making an item that allows you to transfer them to another character, much like how we got the item that allows us to transfer anima in 9.1.5.


I’d also advocate that the different elements associated with Pet Battles be added into the Pet Journal as an account-wide use:

  • Pet Battle Bandage
  • Type-specific Training Stones
  • Flawless Battle-Training Stone
  • Fel-Touched Battle-Training Stone
  • Marked Flawless Battle-Stone
  • Ultimate Battle-Training Stone
  • Lesser Pet Treat
  • Pet Treat
  • Magical Mini-Treat
  • Magical Pet Biscuit

The ability to hide / remove currencies would be a very welcome change as there are a lot of currencies that I never use anymore nor want to keep track of and would help tidy up the currencies tab quite a bit


Random currency caps are just as bad as not in the currency tab


You can tag currencies as “unused” by right-clicking them, and then you can minimise that category to hide them.


I know others have said this, but I do not agree with these three either. Unless they’re made account-wide, or they have some sort of way to transfer between characters. Because currently the appeal of these items is you can just mail them between characters to stockpile by doing activities on multiple characters.

There’s honestly a lot of items that should be toys, but I can’t remember them off the top of my head to be honest. I do know if they ever add things like the Sp-eye-glass or the Starlight Beacon to the toybox, they’d have to add a way for us to retrieve them if we’ve destroyed them, as some people only play one character.

This I would agree with. Honestly, even if they added pet charms to the pet journal as an account-wide feature I’d be fine with.


So FINALLY got around to going through my bank just now to see what items I saved because I thought they would eventually be made a toy. Here’s a list of what I have: (Note: Not all of them are just “fun” toys, some are useful, but that is also true of existing toys as well)

Adept’s Guide to Dimensional Rifting
Anti-Doom Broom
Beeholder’s Goggles
Bloodsail Admiral’s Helm
Bipsi’s Bobbing Berg
Cooking School Bell
Direbrew’s Remote
Domination’s Calling
Key to Narthalas Academy
Secret Fish Goggles
Sharpened Tuskarr Spear
Starlight Beacon

Guild Battle Standards
The 3 Hati Items (Mount Hati, Fez on Hati, Lightning Hati)


I think at this point in the game, the Magical Mini Treat and the Magical Pet Biscuits could stand to be made toys. If not directly converting, by allowing us to purchase a toy version for pet charms.

Honorable Mention:

Dream Catcher (It serves no purpose after you get Night Mare except to help others, so although it may not be Toy Box appropriate, I would suggest making it so using it phases all party members within X yards into the realm Night Mare is in, because otherwise we’re going to be holding onto this until 10.0 if we want to help others. Whereas this simple change could mean we could all safely delete this and only the person trying to get Night Mare would need to use it.)

Far from everything I think should be added as a toy, but I didn’t keep everything due to bag space concerns.


New warlock portal on use item should be a toy

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