It is time. Classic WoW Devs, please reduce batching and leeway. (megathread)

i say keep it and decrease the amount of of leeway it has

It makes PvP on a priest noticeably less fun. I am food 100% of the time and warriors can easily take me out.

make leeway less terrible, reduce batch to at least 100ms.

we have been saying this since beta my guy and there have been TONS of thread regarding how bad spell batching and leeway are.

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yes well we need a unified thread with much support so these devs can stop being so ignorant.

Both Spell Batching and Leeway are functioning like they did in Vanilla. WoW has never existed without Leeway and Spell Batching wasn’t improved until WoD.

Here’s Leeway on BfA:

I don’t want them to touch Leeway, but I do want them to revert Spell Batching to the levels we have on Modern WoW. It’s something the community asked for and the community made a mistake. Now that we all remember how awful it was, let’s kindly ask Blizzard to remove Vanilla Spell Batching instead of claiming they have it wrong, because constantly shifting the blame to Blizzard isn’t going to work here.

This is a prime example of counterproductive posting. Trash talking Blizzard for doing what was asked by a large portion of the community isn’t going to make them change anything.

My spells often get locked AFTER they are completed, and I see the heal land and they are healed.


As a healer you got million mages and warriors trying to kick your casts and only way to cast, besides bubble is trying to fake. Cant count how many times i dropped cast and still got silenced, just stainding there - watching team dies. Thanks to some archaic system from 2004, when majority of players didnt even have cast bars addon. Now not only players are much better at interrupting, but for some freaking reason we need that damn spell batching making it impossible to fake cast.
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notice my thread says “REDUCE” not remove?

I like leeway and spellbatching, only when it benefits me though. i like swining my axe and hitting people from 20 feet away and i like getting EM CL ES crits ez.

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Your post is questioning the validity of the current Spell Batching and Leeway implementations. I simply posted to say they’re functioning correctly.

no, they are not accurate to vanilla

Yeah mon let get it done!

Yeah, they are.

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lol we can disregard your input in this thread, then. Cause you clearly have no idea what’s going on.

Trying to deadzone a warrior as a rogue becomes guess work at best…

I know exactly what’s going on. Spell Batching and Leeway are functioning as they did in Vanilla.

My input is more valuable than someone who can’t get passed their own confirmation bias.

People claimed Leeway was implemented because of bad internet connections. Why does Leeway still exist in the EXACT same manner in BfA then:

People claim Spell Batching isn’t functioning correctly, then provide zero evidence, while asserting the flawless nature of their 15 year old memory. Spell Batching in Vanilla:

Joana’s leveling guide from Vanilla. Look at that amazing NPC vendor Spell Batching:

Celestalon’s post about batching from 2014:


I don’t know if leeway and the batching work hand in hand to batch a bunch of npc melee swings that land several yards outside of melee range and all at once, but there are some wonky interactions with melee swings and moving target. I can’t remember the last time I rode past a single mob on my mount and didn’t immediately get hit 3 times at once. How is that a thing that happens? I check the combat log and it shows that one mob hit me three times in the same milisecond as I rode past it.

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This is absolutely incorrect as it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to function as they did in vanilla.

Leeway was added to bridge the gap between melee<bad ISP< Slow cpus.
We don’t have any of that now so it physically cannot function the same way and is being abused. I play melee I Know how dumb leeway is for ranged :smiley:

Spell batching in 2020 with our internet and computers just isn’t right. They tried to replicate bad latency and a different client and it just feels awful.

It felt okay in 2006 because the majority of people had much much slower internet.

If this is true, why does Leeway still function in BfA in the EXACT same manner it does in Vanilla/Classic?

Why does Leeway still exist in BfA? WoW has never existed in a state without Leeway. Why does no one complain about Leeway in BfA?

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