It is good to be back

After half a year of taking a break from wow I have decided to return. Although things may not be great right now it is certainly more entertaining than D2. So returning I guess I have one question. Who should I use my 110 boost on? I was thinking a monk since Im a tank main and I know brewmaster is more viable than pali. But I was wondering what would be a good dps but fun one as well to use right now?


No [good] tips here, but wb

Out of having almost every class to 120 (minus hunter, mage, warrior), I’d say between monk or paladin … monk has my vote. I can’t get into my paladin for the life of me, but mained my monk for a good chunk of this expansion.

If you have a DK and like tanking though, I’d definitely go that route. My gear score isn’t much on this character, but out of the tanks I’ve played I def enjoy that class for it the most.

Monk, DK, Pally are all good imho

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Just avoid the Baers

yea I knew brewmaster would be a good choice but I was wondering if mage and warlock are good dps that would be fun right now.

ww is insanely fun

I tank on this guy, a pally, a monk, and a DK.

I like this guy the most, followed by the pally. Pally utility is nuts.

Blood is squishy as all get out but they out-heal the healer a lot of the time, so it doesn’t matter. Grips are awesome.

Monk is my least favorite. I still enjoy it, and they’re very sturdy and fairly mobile but they’re just a bit boring.

My vote would go to Pally, but boost a monk.

Well of course it is! Do you have any idea how old Diablo 2 is?


Welcome back! As far as using your boost It just all depends on you.

Shadow Priest is currently crushing meters.

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Welcome OP to the best expansion WOW has ever had…

Expansion is such high quality that theirs massive time gating on everything.

And far less zones then previous expansions… But i mean its whatever you love time gating right ???

Its one of the main features of this expansion.

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WB! I don’t know much about tanks but I hear a lot of people love monk. I leveled a dps one and must say it was quite fun also. The tank spec is supposed to be a blast also.

damnit you caught me I knew i should have said destiny 2

Welcome back!!! I love my DH and BM hunter. But I’m casual and not concerned about being #1. WW Monk is fun also. I’m working on mine right now. So far, things are going good.

Haha yes I know the game could be in a better position but it does feel better than destiny 2

Welcome back!

I still have my 110 boost since I joined the summer of 2018. I want to see if I can get a character to 120 under my own effort. Sorry if that did not help you decide.

I’d personally like a Fire Mage at level 110, to level to 120 and go DPS my face off.

Super fun IMO.

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Hunter. You can never go wrong with Hunter. At least one of your specs will always be viable.

First off quite surprised a community manager responded secondly I was thinking of mage but I wasnt sure if Fire mage was viable for raiding since I remember seeing that arcane was better