It is good to be back

Create class trial characters to try them out, boost whichever one you like the best.

Give your Prot Pally a chance. When you get better gear and more haste, it’s a lot of fun to play. Healers are saying the Pally is easier to keep up than Brewmaster. YMMV.

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I did give Pali a chance then I got my butt handed to me by KJ in legion

If it was me and I had one, I personally would use it on a Warrior. I’ve always had so much fun as Arms spec, Fury is other option, and Protection if you want fast queues and gear quicker

I play one class and don’t alt, rogues are ton of fun and preform well in PvP and PVE


Firemages are massively haste starved at 120, gearing is a pain and a spec that is as stat and gear dependent as that spec is, at 120 you are roadkill.

I have had a mage for almost ten years…and I cant remember a single expac where at max level I was this weak or this squishy.

“Fun” is subjective. I played Mage since the end of BC literally until Legion and picked it back up for this expansion, and I main-swapped (again) when we were done with Uldir. Was that because I played the same class for over 8 or so years? Possibly, or I just found it unfun to play now. That said, if you enjoy Mage/Warlock, both are good, with Warlock being way better in raiding atm and Mage being way better in M+.

If you want a great in both worlds caster though, Moonkin is amazing with its utility for M+ and its raw damage in raiding.