It doesn't fit anymore ... Drop it

Hello everyone,

I do apologize for the length but this post is more addressed to real Vanilla Player-Base and Blizz.

When WoW classic has been launched I really really enjoyed the experience as I used to do in 2015. And I found out why.

The first ones to join the adventure once again were from the player-base WoW Vanilla with nostalgia.
Indeed, I found that people were enjoying leveling, crafting, helping each other until everyone gets his/her quest done …

However another player-base came too. Just a different one, enjoying performance, competitiveness and fast experience. This is also why World of Warcraft " retail " has a lot evolved over the years to respond the demand of this new wave.

Attracted by the Streamers from World of Warcraft Classic Beta, as it was probably used to watch them for other games, this player-base came to World of Warcraft Classic.

I noticed that after 3 months away from my computer during the quarantine, when i came back with my main : the rush to gear, to performance, to reach lvl 60 was way much more stronger than when I left.
To be truly honest I was so surprise to see such an evolution and to know that leveling - the principle experience in World of Warcraft Classic - was skipped due to some people paying a mage lvl 60 overgeared to get XP FAST.

Disgusted I even played to WoW Retail instead, which never happened after WOTLK. After all, my subscription was still active.

And you know what ? I enjoyed it as a total different game. I was probably in need for a large amount a dopamine, let’s be honest, reward came fast, the game was fast paced, leveling fast …

But at one point, i missed WoW Classic and i came back after few days and I tried to re-roll to experience again the feeling of leveling.
And I realized that I was almost playing the same game as Retail because of … the player-base which came to Classic from Retail.

A trade channel full, people running everywhere, the same language, the same vocabulary in all the canals. The will for performance and competitiveness. Retail / Classic same player-base ! People trying to do quest by their own and not even thinking about inviting others ? Of course there is still some but it’s not happening as often as some months ago !

Don’t you get it ? It just doesn’t fit anymore xD

World of Warcraft was made on the experience of leveling at a slow-pace which required patience, collaboration, respect that was in 2004.
In 2004 the player-base was mainly composed by people from Generation Y ( let’s say for people born between 1984-1996 approximately. When computers were more or less accessible to these people.
World of Warcraft dominated the Charts, so much …

The next generation, the Generation Z didn’t get that much of a choice. They probably saw an attractive game, advised by a lot of people.
The needs from this player-base were different, not in a bad sense, just different. But for sure faster.

And so Blizzard tried to match the different needs from different player-base in one game. It is totally understandable. But it doesn’t fit anymore.

Blizzard had and is still struggling so much with leveling needs and the end-game. The foundation of this game can’t meet both player-base Blizzard.
Something happened, when people get to enjoy leveling, crafting, going at their own pace … they reached lvl 60 together, and still explored the game.
And no, now once again there is this damn rush.
I remember seeing people in IF or SW well-geared but look at now ! They all look the same !

Maybe when Shadowlands will be released Wow Classic will breathe again one moment but for how long ? And I am not even sure about this as people get influenced and love Classic and try to stay.

It was a good idea to have WoW Classic, but it happened both player-base had access to each other version of the game.
And streamers, and ads, and this amazing coming back, this call for reward, for satisfaction, for experience shinny shinny stuff … Both player-base met again, and it just doesn’t match !

I almost had the will, and i shouldn’t say that here but, to go back on some private servers because I knew at least that people here and me are from the same player-base.

I really hope this is only my view but coming back now I realized that a lot of people that I really enjoyed to play with already left and like me will probably come back when Shadowlands will be there so Classic could be a bit more calm ?
What should I do ? Stick to Classic or what ? Currently I don’t like being online.

Please let me know your thoughts, once again I really hope it just doesn’t fit anymore only for me …


Not wrong at all. And to be fair, this is more of the private server players fault in all honesty. They pushed for having to play a certain way instead of having fun, which is what certain pserver streamers were promoting, then did a 180 for playing a certain way, planning when to raid, you name it.

I HATE that I have to play the build I am currently playing as. the only reason I am doing it is because the GM wouldn’t stop about my build that I wanted to play as, or more to the point, my parse wasn’t at his standards.


All of what you talk about was here in day 1 of Classic its just everyone started at level 1. So yes, the launch experience was fun but the same players you speak of that are doing what youre not liking were there too.


This is exactly what i meant … When i said that they were attracted for instance by streamers with the Wow Classic Beta.

The both player-base can’t match.

One approaches the leveling experience with a certain prism and the other player-base approaches the leveling experience with another.

In Vanilla you could have find some Guilds taking their time to level-up and approach the raids at a slow-pace and other performing all the time.

What happened is that Blizzard took the decision to release Classic in only MC and Onyxia as accessible. Like a long long time ago.
The issue is that, at that time, World of Warcraft wasn’t that much popular. So it wasn’t a competition. The more people World of Warcraft got, more the needs became different especially as I mentioned due to two Generations cohabiting in the same place.

Or today World of Warcraft has a reputation and had … as I said a lot of publicity.
So once again, quickly both player-base arrived at the same time and now I see the cycle repeating again.

Oh god, another “other people playing the game they pay monthly for in a way I disagree with, so here’s a novel about it” post.


You just need to find your people.

Reading some of the issues people have come across makes me grateful to guild I’m in.

We are always trying to make ourselves better but at the same time, there’s no pressure to not play how and what we want.

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The biggest screwup (next to the choice of AV version) was not having separate subs.


I totally agree.

It would have forced the choice.

What server type do you play on?

You are probably right i don’t know.
I jusst see how much the game can’t fit all of these different style of playing.

Something is missing or not well made.

@Naamtar -> Westfall

A good friend of mine who recently quit said this. “We came back to experience vanilla WoW again, but vanilla WoW doesn’t exist anymore. It’s full of retail players.”


What’s missing, is content that hasn’t been determined and played to death over the course of 12 years.

You want Classic+ - the mechanics of Vanilla, the world of Vanilla, but the inability to have pre-conceived knowledge of how to obtain it all in the most efficient way possible.

The aspect of the game you’re missing, the sense of wonder and love of the game, the community thriving because of the world - is out there - it is being created by the community - by adhering to the lore.

Look into an RP server. Stay away from Grobbulus.

Deviate Delight, Bloodsail Buccaneers - you will be pleasantly surprised.


I like how every classic post is always about how everybody plays classic wrong

and somehow, the problem is always that retail players are playing the game



You are probably right.
I used to go on some RP Private Servers and I enjoyed it.

Thank you :smiley:

I will look at Deviate and Bloodsail :slight_smile:


I hope you find what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

I can definitely say that Bloodsail had a positive community back when I was playing. Admittedly, I haven’t been on since I capped in August.

The thing is this: you can re-create an old version of the game (which they did), but you can’t make the players forget how to beat it like a drum with high efficiency.

Sure, many of us like to play classic for nostalgia and slowly savor it. But many others have a more traditional gamer approach and what that means is that once the solution to a game is known, you compete with each other about who can execute the known solution faster/more efficiently. It is this way in ALL games. It is a fundamental gamer attitude.

It was inevitable that the re-release of vanilla WoW would generate this.


Everyone can enjoy Classic in their own way - the problem here isn’t that players clash in playstyle - the problem is that there aren’t enough avenues to distribute the population appropriately.

More RP and RPPVP servers need to be introduced.

People need to be pushed out of Full/High population realms.

Blizzard can’t forsee a national pandemic - and as soon as it’s gone, things will start to change.

Thank you too !

To be honest, I like these types of answers, just helpful and not trolls xD

AS you say it is probably a type of server as I never really investigated if there was a real difference between them and their population.


Only thing I could say is find the right guild. People who want to play in the same style as you. Many variants exist, so it may take a little searching, but in the long run it will have been worth it.