It’s been a year, how is ret in raids?

Don’t care for pvp just end game progression raiding. Was the prediction true that they are hot garbage or are they competitive on the meters (i.e not a meme spec)

Just curious who was right and wrong. The people that claim people on classic are narrow minded and will reject ret or those that say it was a different time and ret is good now. The sunshine pumpers.

Its classic… they are trash through out the life of classic.




Paladins are FINE.

People are TRASH.

Play the game. Have fun. If you’re not having fun, then reroll a Warrior.


They are more than viable but don’t expect loot priority over classes that can double your dps. The only environment they shouldn’t be part of is speed clearing. Look at the top ret logs and you’ll see it’s possible to do great damage. However it takes 200% more effort and prep.

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We have a ret. He doesn’t top meters but he does good compared to other rets.

He plays holy when needed, is a nice person, and a contributing member of our guild.

All in all he’s a good guy and I’m happy to have him around!


There are 7,000 Ret Paladin parses in AQ 40 over the last 2 weeks.

There are 865,000 DPS Warrior parses and 875,000 Rogue parses.


As it should be since warrior is far more casual friendly.

They are bad relative to the other dps classes’ top performance, but can keep up with average/above average players of most classes (not warrior/rogue)

They are good relative to the dps expectations of the raids.

Basically: you’ll be unable to compete with top dps classes most of the time, but you bring more than enough dps to kill any fight in the game, just not at 1/4 the normal time like warriors can.

You also bring a blessing, extra cleanses without losing dps, and can off heal very effectively, so it’s not all bad.


Best ret dps in AQ40 atm is 284 dps average for the whole run place.
top hance dps is 394.
Top warrior dps is 994.

Take from those numbers what you will.


lolRET and enhance sham are absolutely hot garbage. I would only bring them along for the buffs or totems they provide–literally nothing else. It’s just one more piece of trash to have to heal.


Sort of funny hearing the whole buff and totem thing from a Token resto druid.
You’re literally in raid to buff people,FF the boss and soak up healer leather…


they put nightfall in the bank and rerolled hunter, i don’t know why

Because Nightfall’s proc rate sucks in Classic. Which in turn, nerfed Paladins indirectly, because PServer Champions expected a Ret to swing it.

Paladins are, I believe, the single most nerfed class in Classic, direct and indirect nerfs included.


was nightfall on the list of weapons that didn’t proc on the gcd?

Nightfall procs have a reduced effect (meaning fewer procs) on mobs above 60, including raid bosses. As well as needing an add-on to use it effectively with the crappy proc rate.

AND more Holy Resist, I am believing, has been strangely added to mobs.

AND Reckoning was nerfed to the ground.

AND the Barov sword nerf (but Diamond Flasking is totally fine).

T&F must be back on the Classic team.


I respect the whole “it’s a game we are all here to have fun” argument, but the pieces of the game are not equal. It’s like having a 40 man relay race and one of your guys is wearing a 100 pound weighted vest because he thinks it’s fun. It’s entirely possible to win the proverbial race, but that one guy is absolutely making it more difficult.

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except it’s a 30 man relay race.

Didn’t people WANT difficulty? :wink:

And if a Ret isn’t taking time to at least rebuff and heal as needed, because Command r1 is cheap and does the same job on weapon swings as any other rank, did they just fail? Yeah, they kind of did.

Paladins do little offense outside of autoattack. Gameplay, it’s because they were expected to be more defensive, throwing out instant Cleanses, Freedoms, BoP, etc. Player-wise, it’s because Crusader is never allowed to debuff a boss to increase all Holy damage and Paladins aren’t grouped together and…

Actually… they were expected to heal. Look, I have mained paladins for most expansions including vanilla. I’m not bashing paladins here, but the vanilla devs had clear biases. They did not want paladins filling the dps role in raids and they made sure they could not compete with the dps classes. It is what it is.