Issues with Older GPUs

I think no one disagrees Blizz shouldn’t keep supporting old stuff, but we all have to acknowledge this isn’t a ‘regular year’ either, with the pandemy and all. Some people might had in might buying new rig, but with the layoffs and jobs being lost accross the globe…
Some people are passing very bad times with it, even hunger. I’m not saying we the WoW gamers should then stop playing, but it is known that you can play wow ‘without paying’ from your pockets, but with the Gold>Token>Gametime/balance shuffle.


Why even bother posting minimum specs if you are just going to program in support for unsupported hardware after the fact?

As a side note, if an RX 560 will work, so will an Radeon HD 7950 or anything newer. That is already going back 8 years. It’s insane that people are going the better part of a decade without upgrading their GPUs.

I don’t buy this whole I cant afford it nonsense, in eight years anyone could save up for quad Titans if they wanted to. This isn’t an “I can’t upgrade”, its an “I don’t want to and don’t make contingency plans for when my ancient hardware stops being supported”.

Putting away three bucks a month for 8 years would give you just under $300 to drop on a decent upper mid range GPU, and unless you’re working in a chinese sweatshop gluing Nikes togetherfor a nickle an hour, you can afford to save $3 a month.


tem que mandar um tiket explicando sua situação no site da blizzard que eles congelam …eu pedi para os meus 11 dias e eles fizeram boa sorte

Well I guess I’ll just throw that $500 needed to get a computer to play this at a next gen console and call it a day. I’ve had smooth 60fps for every expansion but this one. GG blizzard

The Dx is 10 years old, yes. What they aren’t highlighting here is that those graphics cards they mentioned are all like only 2-3 years old which is a huge gap in gear for a lot of people.

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Wait there’s two year old gaming graphics cards that do not support DX 11? Example?

No I’m saying that the dx requirement is very easily met however if you google search the release date of each of the minimum processors on their system requirements post they are pretty much saying you need a 2017+ graphics card in order to play.

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OK - it’s getting a little off topic for this thread - but look at the minimum requirements:

GeForce 760 - this was a mainstream card in 2013 - seven years ago!
OR Radeon RX 560 - this card is only three years old - but was only $99!
OR Intel 630 - this isn’t even a discrete GPU, it’s the Intel embedded GPU (and if you have an AMD version, it’s probably better.)

What this adds up to is that, as usual, Blizzard games are among the least demanding out there. If your computer is struggling with WoW it probably really is time for an upgrade, particularly because with the next gen console releases imminent, the requirements for many games will go up accordingly.

(None of this is related to cards not supporting shader model 5, which must be very very old. They must have been very high power for their time to still have the raw muscle today?)

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Horrible use of CAPS.

I’m still using that processor, it’s ten years old now and I’ve been wanting to upgrade for a while, however I’ve never run WoW on the integrated graphics.
I do use the integrated graphics to run my second screen though, but that’s only web pages, text editors or a video, it was never meant to be a game playing option.

As for why it worked before the patch and doesn’t now, that’s a hardware limitation not a driver one. Even when the CPU was new the integrated GPU was low end. WoW has moved on to a more modern graphics engine and that old hardware doesn’t meet the new requirements.

Your Pentium G2030 is based on the Ivy Bridge architecture, your 2500k is Sandy Bridge and doesn’t meet the DX11 requirement, if you want to know specifics you can go digging through the reviews from back then. I’ve already spent much longer typing this reply than I suspect you will spend looking into it.
Quotes from an Anandtech article date March 8th 2012:

GPU performance sees a more significant improvement - in the 20 - 50% range.

On the GPU, the improvements are more significant. Some of the major changes are below:

  • DirectX 11 Support

Intel first showed a Sandy Bridge chip running in 2009, which means the chip design is at least from 2008, probably 2007.

It’s time for an upgrade, you don’t need to upgrade the whole system though, you just need a graphics card, possibly a power supply but that depends on how cheap the unit you have is. I’m going to assume it’s as old as the system so it’s probably close to dying anyway, they don’t last forever.

You’ll be astounded at how much difference a graphics card will make to your enjoyment playing the game, you’ll probably wonder how you coped playing the game before, it really is that much of a difference.

As for your comments about paying for two accounts each month, well they’re irrelevant to the topic and you choose to have two accounts, that isn’t a requirement.
Your monthly fee, which you could use gold for if you made enough, gives you access to the servers to play on. You’re trying to make it a shackle to hold the developers to what you want.
While you want the game to look horrible and run on old hardware there are many people, I suspect orders of magnitude more, who want the game to look better. It’s hard to get new players to a game which looks like it was made 15 years ago, hence the upgrades with each expansion.

Running servers costs money, other than the obvious rent, power and internet costs there are ongoing costs in keeping server hardware functioning. The power part isn’t for just running the servers either, cooling server rooms is quite costly. One of the things data centre operators look at is how much power the new generation servers use, when they’re running servers 24/7 at full load it doesn’t take long to save money by upgrading the servers, even when those servers cost tens of thousands of dollars. But I’ve drifted off topic here so I’ll stop.

When you buy a new expansion that upfront cost is supposed to pay for the development cost, though I doubt it does these days. Which is why they try to entice you to the higher cost, collectors versions and why there’s a shop for mounts and pets. The shop also takes a cut from tokens but again those things need infrastructure to run on which also costs money. Given it also needs to accept real world payments there’s additional cost there to make sure the payment method is secure.

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Don’t buy laptops to play games.
If you do make sure it’s one designed to play games not do web browsing and office applications.

Also just because you only bought it a week ago doesn’t mean the laptop was designed a week ago using the very latest CPU/GPU.
If you tell us the model someone might spend the time to look up how old the design is.


My current computer has been able to get into WoW and play seamlessly since the Pre-launch of Legion, on graphics level 3 at the start of Legion, and still there towards the end of BoA. So for my system to work with the game, even basic start of BoA capability would do quite nicely for me. When I saw the message preventing me from getting into game, my heart sank, but finding this message tells me I just need to be patient, and also diligent with updates to the game, maybe all will be well… in the end.

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Most people seemed to have fixed their problem by changing back to “DirectX 11 Legacy” in graphics settings.

On the login screen, click “Menu” button, “System” button, “Advanced” tab, then change “Graphics API” selection to “DirectX 11 Legacy.”


How lazy to read a text by a blizzard fan boy user that the game is everything for them in life …
Maybe you didn’t notice the sarcasm in my words, but although you tried to be a computer teacher by passing me the data from the processors, I always knew.
As for the two bills I pay despite being a particularity of mine and you have nothing to do with it, the other account is for my wife and yes it helped her to upload it together with mine on the same computer when she was working.
Another thing I BUY BFA NOT Shadowlands, I bought 6 months of game time for BFA and I still have 3 months of game time and my system was within the game specifications, and inside nowhere I open the game and find that my PC does not it is more compatible.
It is the same thing that you buy a 10-day stay in a hotel for an X value and after 5 you discover that the value has changed to Y, or you pay the difference or leave … this is absurd.
About the costs of the company and etc … I will not cry for a company that earns more than 1 billion a year, the least that she should have done is to give a graphical option for users to have the option to make the graphs equal to BFA.
I don’t need you to tell me that I have to improve my PC, maybe you’re a rich guy who vomits money and doesn’t know it but I’m Brazilian, in the USA a 1650 entry video card is 150 dollars, 1 working day, here is 1000 reais , a month of work, you may not know but the monthly fee for the game has also increased for us, and we are still living a pandemic, thousands of people have lost their jobs, others do not even have what to eat, let alone buy a new computer, so get out of your perfect little world wanting to play an intellectual in a forum, not everyone lives on disney, here we live in the real world.


For all of you guys with problems, here’s some hope: my wife plays on a late-2012 Macbook Pro without a dedicated GPU and the game even runs from an external HD locked at 60fps (with everything on the lowest quality, of course).

If her machine runs, probably most of yours will too. Hoping for ya!

Thanks for the kind words, but it looks like any laptop with integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 (old CPU-based graphics) is now blocked from launching the game entirely. (My older laptop could launch and play the game on low settings before the prepatch.) My less-old (not really “new”) laptop with a more recent version of Intel integrated graphics still runs the game OK though.

It didn’t read like sarcasm, it read like a tantrum.
If you “always knew” you’d know the minimum spec was changing, that was announced at the end of August.

You bought access to the servers, this is an MMO so things get upgraded to try and keep things fresh.
It sounds like you should contact Blizzard support and ask for a refund of the subscription you can no longer use.

I disagree that they should keep supporting such old hardware, there comes a point where it holds the game back and isn’t worth it. It would appear they got to that point and some people are upset.

No I don’t. I live just above the poverty line on a disability pension, acutely aware of the pandemic in the real world.
I have no vices and I’ve been saving up for a long time, because money is so tight I will spend a lot of time working out what to buy when I do upgrade. That paid off last time, ten years from a CPU is great. You’ve managed that too.

I’m sure if you look hard enough you’ll be able to find a second hand card at a reasonable cost.

I hope (for your sakes as well as ours) that you at Blizzard are continuing to work to solve this problem. I have a 2012 computer and can no longer even launch WoW, just gives me a popup saying 3D accelerator card not supported. I was able to launch WoW just a few months ago, before a patch I guess - I’ve been playing mainly Classic since it was released. But if you guys are interested in keeping your subscribers, I suggest you allow those of us with 8-year-old computers, or computers that are neither brand new nor ancient machines, to at least launch the game so that we can adjust the graphics settings to run it on our computers. If you want to keep subscribers and make money off your new expansion.

Great, thanks for the work,now the game is running just nice,20 -30 fps on my hd graphics 3000,its kinda smoothie,keep up the good work

hd graphics 3000 here and still can’t open the game :frowning: what processor model you have? mine’s a 2nd gen i3

mine is a 2 gen i5 2520m