Issues queueing as a group - AV, Horde side

Repeatedly since the option was made available I have queued for AV as a group of 2, and had that queue extend over twice the ‘estimated’ queue time of 1 hour or so: 2.5 hours or more before giving up. We did not queue WSG since I understand that can cause other issues. This has not always happened, and most of our queues have been within 3-4 min of the estimated time. That said, this obviously broken over-queue has happened enough times now though that something has to be wrong. Last time happened between 1:30pm and 4:00pm server time today, Saturday.

Please fix, this is unfairly undercutting our ability to maintain, much less gain rank from honor.

Edit: Additional Information I have discovered: This has happened to other Horde on our server queueing for AV as well. It seems that either one or possibly both of these two things can cause this issue. First suspect is inviting someone to the group (so they could find us to buy an enchant) – upon joining the group the new member had the AV queue icon appear on his minimap where this new person could see we had been in queue for almost an hour – indicating at least one severe bug. Perhaps when they then leave the group this can confuse the queuing code. Second suspect is that if a group member disconnects, it may somehow confuse the queuing system, causing members to be removed or reset, with no update being sent to inform them.

Edit #2: I am betting this issue has to do with this hotfix, not being coded for AV at the time: Hotfix for Warsong Gulch Queue Issue

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