Is WoW worth playing as a beginner?

Play the old content. Read the quests. Enjoy the ride. There aren’t a lot of people at the lower levels, but you don’t really need to group to level. Hopefully you found a guild that will be happy to answer low-level questions you might have, and maybe help you out with a dungeon if you really need one.

The first 60 levels have a lot of fun quests. It’s a shame to miss out on them completely.



Many of us did, it was my roommate in 2004 who convinced me to play.

cool. But level a class from 0 to max, you’ll be happier that way.

Solo questing is how you learn the lore, and how to play the game.

Not really, for the last 5 years I’ve been solo in this game.

15 years worth of content, pets, toys, mounts, clothing options aka Transmog.

I prefer playing solo these days, but then all my friends are gone.

no, you can queue dungeons, and raids. You can play solo unless a quest needs you run a dungeon, then you hit the queue and get matched for it.

it’s fine right here.

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damn, you boosted a 98 to a 110 for 80$ (cdn)
thats intense haha . it would have took you like a day or two to get to 110 dude… the first few levels are really fast on the DH
anyways, queue dungeons on ur drood, queues are FAST if you tank or heal :wink:
its worth playing id say for a beginner, SO much to do :slight_smile:

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Don’t you get a free boost when you buy the game? …I think that’s part of the game still.

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oooh, you know what, i think ur right haha
damn, i was thinking that was steep price for 10 levels, but ya ur right, it was free with BFA i think
i know mine was, but that was a year ago, i did a new goblin , just to have a max level hordie for cheeve hehe

painful…one word for it.

1-10 you will use a stick. A lot since you run out of mana…a lot. Watching a druid using a staff was…an experience. Miss, miss, miss, oh crap I am low hp no mana and I need a hit soon here, miss, miss…

Even XCOM (past 2 releasese) was never this cruel to me . And XCOM is not a nice game here. 95% to hit? oh…you will miss these 95% of the time lol

Lead off with bear form at 10 and its isn’t retails rage system. that crap builds up slow AF in classic. And you burn it to buff you or put effects on your target which imo….weren’t all that great. Up to level 15 for me anyway.

I will take retails more actual attack based druid. You have claws, you use them. And your rage is not based on RNG of hit/miss on autoattack. I to make life easy setup a couple rage builders to lead to key number 5…here starts the rage spenders. Bleed or the bite of the doom

Maybe it gets better at 60. I may never now. I came back to my retail druids lol.


Maybe you’d take interest in playing through the zones to earn loremaster! You’d unlock a lot of transmog while you do as well, and you might meet some folks along the way!


Playing the game from level one does help get you understand your class and you get to see the world. Hmm but level is super dull but if you never done it then might be cool and fun. It is better with friends but retail is 95% solo,mainly early game. Once 60, go WotLK stuff, at 80 go MoP. WoD and Legion do quest and wqs. This help with the speed of things

Tip for learning boost toon.
1.Start a trail character
2. if your spec is part of the trial, finish the trial. If not then skip 2.
3. Healthstone
4. Go to a training dummy, open spell book.
5. Test every spell does and talent. “Go look at icy-veins”
6. Look at rotations.
7. If able go fight stuff your level and test rotation.

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Just do end game and the timewalking quests when they are up. You can slowly level a low level character on the side. Trying to catch rush through 15 years is content isn’t a good idea in my opinion.

You can read icy veins for how to play your character and try proving grounds to learn better.

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Truth bomb - this game will always be better with friends. However, it is always worth it to play for yourself as well. I would always, personally, advise against boosting. Especially if you’re new. Warcraft’s story, world, and lore are massive. But the only way you’ll appreciate it is if you run through it yourself for the sake of enjoying the ride.

On this one, here’s my thing. I would always suggest proper networking. In other words, enjoy the game in any capacity you like first, and then when the time comes where you’re wanting to experience other people, do your best to find others to play with. Post on your server forums if the guild isn’t working out that you’re looking for a new guild and don’t be afraid to talk to people.

Here, I’ll get you started. Here’s my battle tag: Shad#1132. In case you don’t know how to add someone, open up your friend’s list with the O key, and then hit add friend. Type my btag in the box that pops up, and if you have in game questions, I can try to help you out.


There’s no reason why you can’t do both. Level your lower character, explore the quests and stories, wander around and see the zones, take your time. Do it solo, do it with guildies, but have fun with it.

And then level your high level. Play with your friends. Explore current content. Sure, there might be a couple of spoilers but really you don’t lose much overall. I’m just now going back and doing a lot of Legion stuff and the story is still engrossing ever after having done BFA stuff.

My point is, there’s no reason you can’t do both. Just do what’s fun. The best thing about this game is that there is no One Way to play it.


Don’t listen to the “level from 1-120” dude. Leveling is so repetitive and single player and boring just skip the whole thing if you can, it’s only fun in classic and that’s a clear fact. Yes wow is way way way more fun with friends and meeting new people in game. Set a goal for yourself and work towards it’s you’ll meet really cool people. I set a goal for myself this expansion to get into rated arenas again and I did! I also made it a goal to get into real raiding and I did! Trying to achieve my goals I met players with the same mindset and we went at it together! Made some fun memories that’s for sure.


I’ve been playing mostly solo for several years (started July, 2012, at the end of Cataclysm) and I’ve leveled up many characters. To me, it’s worth playing. I enjoy the leveling experience, leveling up professions, collecting and battling pets, collecting mounts, etc. There’s no shortage of content. When I was a newbie, I was in awe of how much there was to do and experience. But, we’re all different. If you’re not enjoying it, it may not be for you.

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You can absolutely play this game solo–my husband, who enjoys making (millions upon millions) of gold and collecting mounts and transmog appearances, plays solo and has his own guild for just his toons. He plays every day, mostly to farm the stuff he sells on the Auction House.

I also play mostly solo these days, but I run a lot of mythic+ dungeons as a healer. I used to raid, and am still a part of two raiding guilds, but unfortunately, I can’t commit to a 3x/week raiding schedule at the moment. My Horde guild barely runs any mythic+, so I pug. A lot. I’ve been totally fine in that regard, and met a lot of really great people, too. My Ally guild is 4-5x larger, and runs mythic+ daily. I can pop into guild groups with them, no problem.

In short, you can enjoy everything this game has to offer as a solo player–even mythic+ and raiding. It’s DEFINITELY easier to get group content done with a guild, but not impossible without guildies by your side. Good luck, Azeroth is pretty great sometimes!

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Thank you all for you help! This has been all informative for me. I did go back and level up my druid up to 21, And as for classic, I do have friends who want me to play with them but again, they are all higher levels than me . I wont lie, I do appreciate how classic has you reading the quest to know where to go and such. As for retail, after reading this, I feel hopeful. I am having fun doing solo and I do run across people that I end up bein friends with since they are kind and helpful to this newbie.

Thank you all again for this <3


You should have leveled up rather than using a boost. By boosting, you never learned the class or so many other things about the game.

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People that say you need to level up to learn a class are majorly wrong. Do Proving grounds to learn your class. And also read icy veins.

There is no way you will know the class as well by doing proving grounds as you will from leveling a toon from ground zero.

I have a friend that just started playing wow this month and he’s playing on classic. He’s having a blast and I highly recomend anyone thats playing wow for the first time start with classic rather than retail. You get the real wow experience that hooked millions of people rather than the current abomination.

As someone who has been playing since BC, I have to take a moment and try to look at the game through the eyes of someone new, who has never played before.
Although A LOT has changed since I started, I still fully believe there is something fun and enjoyable about playing a character from level 1. Yes, most of us have done so again and again so we find the old zones the same, boring, sad, with bugs and missing content etc etc, but new players won’t have that same thought. It will be completely new to them, every quest, every zone, every step they take and mob they will kill be new to them, so they won’t have the same “boring” thoughts we do with it.
I think “retail” as people like to call it isn’t nearly as clunky as classic, and although some zones are pretty clearly dead for various reasons, I still see a ton of people leveling in old zones, so don’t let people tell you they are empty, because they are not.
As a mostly solo player, I am still social and join up for some dungeons, but I am not a huge dungeon or raid person, so I can’t really speak on that stuff.
All I can say really is that all of these are simply our opinions. There is a TON to do in game, whether you are leveling or boost a character, it just depends on what you like to do, which you won’t know until you level characters and see what you like and don’t like.
I do agree with people who say make a trial character, then you kind of get an idea of high level appearances and powers, but don’t boost anyone else if you want to learn the lore, race and class stuff.

Dungeons, raids, transmogs, pet bettles, mount farming, achievs and pvp can all be done leveling characters and the only way to know what you like doing is to, well, do it. Good luck, and don’t pay tooooo close attention to these forums, a lot of negative people who forget their thoughts are just their opinions roam here. :smiley: