Is WoW worth playing as a beginner?

I started WoW this month. I originally joined to play in a guild with people I know. However, for a while, I was a lower level than them until I used that upgrade token to be at level 110. Now I can do dungeons with them but I feel like I am missing out on a lot. The lower level character is a tank druid at level 17 but I feel like all I can do is run quest. This game feels like you need friends to play with and most of them are usually busy except for the day they run dungeons.

Does the game have more to offer? Is it worth doing it solo? Or do you need people to play with? I am really confused and debating if I should continue playing this game.

Also, sorry if I posted in the wrong forum.

AS a new player you should just create a character and play the game starting at level 1, working up to max level (it could take weeks).

If you just skip to level 110 (with the upgrade) you miss the “learning curve” of getting familiar with the game, and all it’s nuances.

At this stage of the game, max level players have “done it all” (mostly) and are just doing the daily or weekly repetitive stuff.

While you have 120 levels of an entirely new (to you) game to explore. Go explore it.


I’ve played this game for 14 years almost all solo. Sure I group up when I need to and I’m friendly and sociable but I don’t need anyone steady when I’m leveling. I’ll grab passersby for help if I need.

This game is very playable solo. Today’s game has all kinds of features to get into groups for that content. I play with achievements in mind so most of that’s more conducive to solo play (eg. catching all the fish/pets/etc. in a zone).

Enjoy the journey, look around and try everything the game offers. Maybe you’ll like some aspect or not, but it’s all your choice. Play how you want.


You can create a Demon Hunter without a level 70 now?

Sorry for off-topic.

It’s definitely worth sticking with, as of missing out on stuff the only thing you’re really missing out on is getting the feel for the game. I did the same thing, boosted a warlock and had no idea what I was doing.

Make a character or 2, level them doing quests and running low level dungeons using the dungeon finder. Researching guides helps a lot too, kind of gives you the right direction. There’s lots to do, especially if you’re into collecting things.

There’s not much you can really miss out on outside of the meta, you can literally go back and do 99% of the stuff once you’re high enough level. And you can always find a guild to join, can always make friends being social during runs and stuff. It’s not exactly necessary, but it goes a long way.

I also ended up going back to that warlock after I learned more about rotations and builds and now I really enjoy playing it.

Also twitch add-ons make the experience even better, if you’re just starting you can get a questing add-on and it would be a huge help to you.


Perhaps you should just level up a character and see if you like the game. I don’t think boosting was the right thing for you to do.

You need to level up and get a feel for your class. Anything at max level is much better if you’re experienced. As a new player, it will be overwhelming. So stick to leveling.



You don’t really learn anything from leveling from 1 to max level except a little of the map. Max level isn’t some complex and in-depth game design.


Absolutely recommend BFA for a new player. There is alot of end content, world quests, mythic plus dungeons, and classes to try. BFA is only negative in the eyes of vets of the game because alot of content weve seen before, therefore we tend to be alot more judgemental.

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If you use the character boast token, it will make you 110 level automatically and you can choose that class

I still enjoy BfA but I also know that this isn’t the main scream from players on why they dislike the expansion, not even close.

It depends on how you play. I like making lv 1s of every race because they have different starting areas and you get a bit of their history. Also recommend death knight starting area. I would have said demon hunter too but it looks like you used your 110 token on it (not sure why as they start at level 98 but to each their own).

I would recommend continuing on you druid if you like it. You can do dungeons but they are not really new player friendly with the gogogogo mentally most people have. Your friend should really have started a new character and leveled up with you. There are communities in the game that might do leveling with new/low level players but I’ve never checked them out. Or you can see if there’s anyone in the guild leveling alts.

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Honestly, I think you are 100% right. I only did it to be part of the guild but without them, I don’t know what to do. And I have no idea where anything else without searching for it. But yeah, I think I will just go back to leveling for now.

There is an automatic group finder for normal and heroic dungeons, and also a (non-automatic) group finder where you can apply to mythic dungeons and raids. You don’t really need friends to do multiplayer content. (although it helps of course).

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I will do that. Funny enough, I actually know the past about the Lich King but that’s as far as my lore knowledge goes. But yeah, I am kind of on my own when it comes to leveling up. I am glad to now know there are communities out there to help beginners. I won’t lie, this is all so much to handle lol.


One other thing I’ll mention is Azeroth has a lot of places to explore. Half the fun for me when I started was just being nosy and wandering into interesting looking places (many I should not have since I ended up dead :joy: ). Just do what you find fun. There are battlegrounds you can do starting at lv 10 too if you like PvP.

And yes it can be overwhelming at first because there’s so much to do :slight_smile:


mix and match. Make the 110 boosted the account’s sugar daddy/mommy. the breadcrumbs are layed out well for legion/BFA. Smash this, then turn to them being the account money maker.

I recently moved a 120 from my oceanic group to a US server for this reason. I level low level chars and she rolls through and makes the gold to feed them till 120 and they can earn some gold as well.

Can this game be solo? Yes. With caveats. You will need people for raid/dungeon lol. Edit: although with dungeons in time you can look at the so called extreme solo route.

Lots of solo pursuits can be chased down though.

Transmug hunting, if a hunter in the family pet collecting, allied race collecting, heritage armour collecting if so desired. Pet collecting has its moments. When you bag that rare that has eluded you for so long it feels good.

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I think you should try Classic, where there are more people initially. The problem with starting at level 1 in retail is that all the lower zones are empty and it doesn’t feel like an MMO.


I’d recommend starting with Classic WoW.

No, seriously. Classic WoW is a vastly better new player experience. I can’t even imagine how terrible the current game must feel to a new player.


Debatable. Gold costs for your spells, limited bag space, pulling too many mobs being too punishing for most classes…

Unable to do quests without questie(which doesn’t seem to work with some). That’s not a good new player experience.

Current wow also immerses you better with the story with voice acting, cinematics, and fun little quests for old zones.

Not to mention if they’re leveling a druid here, they might level one on classic and that’s not going to be a fun experience.

Oh please this game is brain dead easy what freaking “nuances” you play one mmo for the most part you played them all…now eve online has a learning curve…not huge but its 100x more then wow…

…with all the pruning of most classes and the OP is a demon hunter its 4 freaking buttons…at most if he’s havoc