Is Tyrande not a priest anymore?

Yeah right lol. They let taurens be priests, but NE can’t be paladins or shamans. Lol. Lore.

Which is weird because lore wise there are NE paladins. It was even a big part of the paladin quest storyline in Legion.

I just remember 1 Night elf paladin and was part of the Paladin campaign in Legion.
Are there actually more?

Lore wise, yes. in Game wise, no. But the game world doesn’t really represent the lore.

Do they have a lore reason why theres 3 dalarans?

Anduin and Tyrande both rerolled, I wonder if that’s a sign.


Possibly. Maybe a new class or race in there…

So shes a paladin?

You cant be 2 classes at the same time!

She no pally

No way LOL

Shes a Warroir & priest & hunter & demon hunter

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Blizzard said in one of their lore panels that character do have class identities that fall outside of the class identities in the game eg Anduin is a priest but he can wear plate and swing a sword because our version of what a priest is would obviously be pretty lane for a king to be running around in a robe and all that. Same with Tyrande, IMO something people picked out was that the cinematic today might have been a 2021 version of arthas vs illidan from the warcraft 3 game. Tyrande being Illidan demonhunter type and Sylvannas being the arthas maw armored plate type.

Neither Anduin or Tyrande, two of the biggest “Priest” characters are Priests at this point. Normally I would argue that they’re NPCs, blah blah blah they don’t have to follow the same rules we do, but these two characters have been portrayed as everything BUT Priests. Like someone else in this thread said, maybe it’s a sign lol.

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Sh!t, I don’t think it would be lame. It would be amazing to see Anduin wearing robes and only using light magic to attack and defend his people. Just straight up jesus power it up instead of a discount Arthas.

Don’t say Andiun. He betrayed us. He is dead to us all now.

Tyrande, in written lore, had powers of healing and was a spiritual leader for her people. She was also a fighter (cross between Hunter and Warrior) ever since the first Legion invasion over 10,000 years ago.

She’s able to cast Starfall because that was an ability she had in WC3 and Blizzard probably decided to just keep it. Though it would fit with her harnessing Elune’s powers.

Nowadays, imo, she’s more a cross between a Priest and a Warden.

Tyrande has never been a priest like in-game playable priests.
Tyrande since WC3 has been more like a mix between Balance druid + Hunter + Priest. The only thing about her being a priest was her title as High Priestess of Elune.
In Vanilla-TBC tho NF priests used to have a race specific ability that was kinda like a starfire from druids so I guess we can assume NF priests do have like nature spells in their kits besides the light of elune.

Anduin on the otherside yea was more like an in-game priest. But yea since BFA he’s more kinda like a Paladin + Priest mix.

Back then each race had a special ability based on the race’s specific religion. An example being the Forsaken and Cult of Forgotten Shadow using Devouring Plague.

Night Elves had Starshards which is in reference to the power they drew from Elune’s light. Elune’s power is arcane, not holy, so it makes sense that the Priestesses of Elune can use arcane magic rather than the holy light that a stereotypical priest uses.

I mean in shadow rising anduin cried tears of shadow. Anduin may be becoming a shadow priest pretty soon. If turning shadow or casting mass rez/power word barrier in a cinematic or in general resurecting people isn’t enough for u I don’t know what you want. Hes the King as well do you really think WOW needs another robed priest leading their people we already have that its called prophet vellen the king of stormwind should wear stormwind armor that is more like what the king would do in my opinon they got that right.