Is Tyrande not a priest anymore?

She used to be high priestess in the moon temple, but I see here now and she dresses like a warriorish with a big axe something.

Did she change from a priest?

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She became the night warrior in BFA after the burning of teldrassil. Basically going full revenge mode. The Night Fae storyline is mostly dealing with the fallout and consequences of her decision.


So she isn’t a priest anymore? Shes a warrior?

she’s a magic priest warrior. Lore doesn’t fully hold up to in game classes.

As Larporil said, class rigidity is more of how WoW works for us as players. It’s never been a fixed rule for lore characters.

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Yep she’s still a Priestess of Elune, but lorewise characters aren’t tied to classes as we players do, like Sylvanas isn’t exactly a Hunter but more like a combination of Hunter Rogue and Necromancer.

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Okay well whatever Tyrande turned into thats what I want the next class to be. Shes this games best heroine.

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High priestess doesn’t mean she’s an actual priest. In WC3 was she was basically a hunter riding a mount.

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No, she was High Priestess in the moon temple forever. She had the mooncloth robe and everything. Quests even refer to her as Priest!

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honestly, lore wise, she’s more like a balance druid. Yes, she’s a priest in name but lore wise, her powers are all celestial based and off Elune rather than the Church of Light or the tenants of the Light.

Priest lore wise is very different from inside the game. Like Troll Priests are just Witch Doctors.

Well if you ask me her powers look a lot like balance druids.
Like those beams she calls from the sky are pretty much starfires from Bdruids.
You also have New Moon talent that she used in BFA during her fight with Nathanos and the Val’kyrs.


In 9.1 The Winter Queen helps Tyrande and Tyrande kinda get’s over it so yes and no depending on the expansion.

See, the last expansion I played was WOTLK. I missed everything else. I remember going up the ramp in the moon temple and seeing tyrande and I’m like yes she is who I want to be.

Shes my WOW hero. Whatever she is I want to be that.

High priestess doesn’t mean she’s an actual priest. In WC3 was she was basically a hunter riding a mount.

A priestess hunter riding a mount…who could cast starfall!

And now she’s a warrior…wielding a demon hunter glaive :crazy_face:

Is wow lore like a requirement when they hire a new person?

Like instead of a legal guide, do they hand out a lore book for people to read at blizzard?

Maybe they just make it all up as they go along and the CEO is just on the roof flying his drone.

I imagine the real WoW universe is like DnD with characters having multiple classes.

probably if you wanna be in the storytelling team.
But if you wanna be a dev most probably you don’t even need to know who is Sylvanas.

Lore wise NE priests tap into Elune’s magic. It’s unclear if that’s the same Light as say the Draenei or Humans use at least in lore.

But we’d level so much slower

she will bring playable paladins to NE characters