Is this sever dead (Argent Dawn)

(Hawkwind) #1
I made a dwarf monk, made my marry way to gold shire and saw no one....
I though RP severs had a bunch of people at gold shire?

So that leaves me to wonder.... did I make a RP toon on a server no one uses?

(Visalakiri) #2
Rp on this server is pretty much dead sadly. WrA and MG are like the only ones still alive sadly as it seem everyone moved there. I would love to get rp going again on AD though. I main Horde but play a bit of alliance too. Feel free to poke me if you want to rp Horde side. :3

(Italus) #3
Server has been sharded.... NO community left really.. other than your guild.. go to Iron-forge and your lucky to see another player there.


yeah sorry but you’re not gonna find any erp in goldshire here