Is this sever dead (Argent Dawn)

I made a dwarf monk, made my marry way to gold shire and saw no one....
I though RP severs had a bunch of people at gold shire?

So that leaves me to wonder.... did I make a RP toon on a server no one uses?
Rp on this server is pretty much dead sadly. WrA and MG are like the only ones still alive sadly as it seem everyone moved there. I would love to get rp going again on AD though. I main Horde but play a bit of alliance too. Feel free to poke me if you want to rp Horde side. :3
Server has been sharded.... NO community left really.. other than your guild.. go to Iron-forge and your lucky to see another player there.

yeah sorry but you’re not gonna find any erp in goldshire here

Silvermon is Quiet too. Silvermon has always been quiet. LOL.even on Thunderlord

Of course you saw no one you were being shunned as a known serial bigamist. Or maybe you were eating cornflakes or cream of wheat or the like in which case you were a cereal bigamist.

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There will be RP at the World’s End Tavern (Shattrath) this Friday at 8:30pm server time! Horde and Alliance are both welcome!

Long gone are the days of Scarmaiden’s cult and all the Argent drama that slowly suffocated this realm back in WotLK and Cata. Good riddance.

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Glad I missed that. Sounds like a mess.

Not sure how long you guys been here but just a heads up if the toxicity ever comes back. More power to you trying to cultivate something from the ground up on here.

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Maybe you should come back to RP with us soon! :slight_smile:

I really hope we get connected to WRA. I think there are a lot of the older RP servers that are very low pop, and connecting them to a server not named Moon Guard might be a good thing.

Why not just pull the lower population, older RP servers together, instead?

We don’t need MG or WRA! We’ve got each other! :slight_smile:

It’s a valid question. I think in the past, Blizzard’s idea was bunch of lower pop servers combined would be a nice place. I think this time around they are combining lower pops to higher pops.

I can see both sides, but I think other than the AH, combining a bunch of fragmented communities still can end up with fragmented communities, but more of them. By connecting, say, Argent to WRA, I can hook into an existing RP community and guilds. Likewise for raiding.

Combining us with The Scryers has never felt like it made a big difference. It’s still rare for me to see someone from Argent or Scryers. It’s usually Emerald Dream I see someone from.

Also, with the RP servers having their own niche needs, maybe a better solution is to allow free transfers from the lower pop servers to another RP realm first. This would let people choose their landing zone.


I suppose if I wanted to RP at WRA…I would?

I’d much rather take the time to develop RP connections on the server I am on than be absorbed into a larger one that already has a set community and tone. After playing on MG for years, I purposefully left and chose AD/Scryers. I don’t really want to be in that community. I want to be in this one :slight_smile:

Yeah, the thing for me is Horde side on AD is really dead. At this point I am riding out the realm connections and if we don’t get connected I will pay to move.

I don’t know if Alliance side is any better. Every now and then I log on there and it seems slightly more populated?

I do agree though the last vestiges of what passes for server community are on the RP servers, which is a tricky problem to solve for realm connections,.

Hope they don’t forget to connect RP Realm like this one . RIP AD .

All the more reason for us to invest in the community that does exist and build it up, rather than just look elsewhere.


So, I am not sure we are a candidate for connection. By their bizarre metrics, AD is considered a Medium pop server. If this is medium, I’d truly hate to see a low.

This week’s list is up, and when I looked up all the different realms they are all flagged as low on the WoW Realm Pop page.

The only RP servers not connected to something are the big ones: Emerald, WRA, and MG. Maybe the next round of RP connections will tackle the lower-pop RP servers.

Earthen Ring is desperately low. I like low population but the lack of people there is too much even for me so I started over here today. There are more players here - I actually saw a few other people getting this new toonlet into the teens today.

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