Is this sever dead (Argent Dawn)

Welcome to the realm, then! :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I haven’t looked at guilds at all but I know you are active here pointing yours out so I will keep it in mind.

Your consideration is an honor.

Additionally, if you need any help in-game, feel free to add me as a friend and whisper any time. (No guild strings attached.)

Not much of an honor <chuckles< but since I may wind up in a RP guild I deleted my existing characters who had names too obviously tied to a “real world” fantasy series and created some new ones with names less likely to be jarring to a roleplayer’s eyes. No big deal it takes a day or less to get to level 60 if one tries. One of those in the new generation submitted a guildfinder application.

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I realize this is a complete proof of the law of small sample sizes but…

It does seem that Alliance is more populated than Horde side here. Which I knew, but last week I ran around Stormwind on AD and it had people and a lively trade chat.

That seems to be true, though I play both!

So, it appears the Realm Transfers are over and AD didn’t make the cut. I am not really all that sure what I am going to do.

At time, the quietness of Argent doesn’t bother me. I don’t do any progression raids and my guild very casual and fun. Staying here wouldn’t cramp my style completely.

But the economy being out whack does. My gut tells me that at some point I will move over to Arena 52 with Naru. The rest of my alts with the faster leveling in SL I can just level again when I feel like it.

I pulled the plug (ripcord?) this weekend and moved to AD.

Sadly, my forum posts and trust-level went away.

Weren’t you already on AD?


It’s been a week. I meant OFF AD.

RP on Argent Dawn has been hit and miss in the recent past, mostly miss. If you encounter anyone from my guild SilverFall on alliance side, or FellRivals on the horde side they will usually do ‘pick-up’ RP in ‘say’ unless we’re doing a small event somewhere. Oh, and we’re not into ERP so you’ll just get ignored.

Right now both our guilds are super low pop despite the expac dropping- players just aren’t coming back. We’ve been around since Nov. 2004. Fingers crossed things will pick up. Would love to see Bardic shows again, an RP market with shops, or even our yearly beach party lol.

Cheers, Wraith.


Have you guys considered a Discord server to better organize all this?

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Yeah, I am as Lonely as the Maytag Repairman (LOL) hard to find people to help me with dungeons.

being small is not all bad. Good for those who have social anxiety to get their social skills before moving to a larger server. I like the quiet nature of Argent Dawn for most things.

Seems very quiet unless they only show people active in the past in the earlier time zone option.

I’ve looked at other places. Right now I’m stuck trying to figure out how to start the void elf thing. This is because the broken isles quest isn’t on the board in stormwind by the bank and auction house in the main area. Also I don’t see quests listed for it. I also tried the chromie thing but it sends me to darkshore not darnassus and the one there sends me to darnassus but a different one with sunk flight guy and no chromie to send me to legion or to start whatever quest is needed.