Is this Alterac valley an early April fool's joke?

This version of Alterac Valley?


No it’s classic WoW. :cocktail::cocktail::cocktail::cactus:

It’s not like they told you about this a year ago.

Nope, it’s the classic version of AV, to go along with the Classic version of the game.

Lmfao you seemed shocked as if this information wasn’t known or something

If you read the blue post they dumbed it down,

Feel like i’m playing BFA


Not everyone spends forever on the forums or watching their announcements

Nor does everyone know exactly what they meant by that paragraph description until actually getting in to play.

It’s a terrible version and so sad that they chose this one.


1.12 AV Version lasted less than 1.15 - 1.8 AV Versions. Within Vanilla, there are several versions and the “No Change” thing have always accepted debate over changes that happened within vanilla. It was just a statement against changes that happened outside the scope of Vanilla

Currently, Blizzard is using 1.10 Drop rates and loot tables, 1.10 Riding Skills and 1.4 Diminishing Return Honor system.


It’s a blue post with thousands of pages. It’s not like it was tucked away in the far corner of the internet.


agree BFA thinking from Blizzard

We want the hard version

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I hate it and will probably unsub over it. Absolute disappointment.


You’ve been here plenty to notice the giant AV thread.

This would be less funny if you weren’t wearing those shoulders.

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I knew this is what we were getting but it doesn’t stop me from being sad about it. Old AV was the best AV.


No its a fully fledged Diablo game for your mobile experience! Make sure you bring your credit card.


Oh god the irony.

Talking literally about the same topic, same thread and you not acknowledging it. Well done

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This AV is just disgusting…

Everyone literally Everyone wanted the HARD AV


Say that while wearing BIS gear.

Except my shoulders (they are 3rd BIS) i am in fact all BIS…

you fail

Just saying - if you are wearing cringe gear don’t look for harder content.