Is this a joke?

A small handful eh? what is the sample size tho, 200? 300?


i’m lucky to do 15 a day, but I can see how SM boost sellers would hate this new change.


I have been farming gnomregan for the charged gear of nature resist to prepare for AQ.

I can no longer farm as much as I wanted to on my days off in fear of locking out my world buffs for raids

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I hit it quite easily doing SGC runs, I also lock out my friends with me unfortunately. None of us really complain on the forums, we just plan our day around it.

It’s not a good change imo, but it’s not the end of the world either. /shrug

Edit: In-game instance counter would be great blizzard, third party addons and weakauras can’t track it accurately enough to be reliable atm.


Holy Christ how are you holding up?


The sample size is the entire classic playerbase, which blizzard has access to and you don’t. You and the handful of people you know who are upset they can’t exploit dungeon spam as much are yes a minority.


id guess the non-bot, non gold seller players make up a fraction of a percentage of players.

in game population terms yeah that would be “a small handful”

all those players could unsub and it wouldnt effect company profits. might actually increase them if it keeps others from unsubbing, or less work to deal with. thats what goes into developer decisions.

from a public health point of view, its probably also beneficial for blizz to eliminate the bad rep of promoting excessive play time / addiction. even if it doesnt actually do anything, if asked they can list this as one of the precautions theyve taken to prevent unhealthy play times.

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Players like Banti who are having the worst meltdowns about this change do not realize or refuse to acknowledge, that their level of instance rest abuse is likely SPECIFICALLY what blizzard intended to target with the change. They are acting like collateral damage, when the reality is that they are a huge part of the damage that was being caused to the game, and hitting them is likely a direct hit.

The Banti doth protest too much , methinks.


I’m annoyed because the change made it likely that I won’t get it by the time AQ is out.

Luckily I had already done most of my AQ prep farming before the change.

The ring is the last item on the list.

But for those who waiting till after this change? It will make it near impossible to be fully ready for AQ

I can’t even imagine going into a 15 year old raid knowing every single step I need to take without having min/maxed gear. My greatest condolences to anyone effected.


Oh, I’m not going 100% min max, I’m in gnomregan to try to get rare engineer recipes as well.

But I like to go the extra mile as well.

The ideal NR I would want for specific boss is 255. I’m aiming for 150. To make my healers lives easier.

you actually believe it’s the entire playerbase?

I would like to sell you a pet dragon sir :smiley:

Mara might be a better choice for you to farm. Or was this a troll post?

I’ve gotten the items I needed from Mara already, im specifically going for a 19 NR ring (charged gear of NR) and at the same time I have the chances for engineering schematic from gnomregan.

Of I had a 60 mage I would do the Mara 1 pulls but I don’t, mage is at 41 and I can’t play it for more than a lvl or two before I’m tired of the aoe play style.

Banti, my man, how many threads is this now since the change? 20? Seriously bro, you need to come to grips with the fact that this change was targeting players like you that were terrain exploiting ad infitium to run instances in a way that was never intended. Your playstyle has several negative consequences on the game and the playerbase as a whole. Honestly, you need to give it a rest. Or was your gold selling paying your bills?


I expect him to ignore this point yet again.

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Just want to let you know that this is like a .02% chance to drop.

Nice to see a believable take, instead of an exaggerated one. And nice to see someone showing a little toughness for once. People will live, just like they were living with the 5 per hour limit before.

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Yep and after the 500 attempts I’ve done I’ve gotten (statistically) a 10% drop chance. But I’m also there for rarer engineering recipes. Which I’ve gotten about 5 of those so far. I’ve also gotten some fused wirings for my raids repair bots I have a chance of getting a decent frost resistance ring while doing it for naxx, and it does offer some gold income (I know it’s trash compared to other ootions.)

I would be a lot less upset if they put more thought into the implementation of this change.


A way to track our instances used in the games UI
A daily reset time (9am server?)

Right now the change is very poorly thought out and poorly implemented.