Is there a way I can ignore people on forums

So what you are saying is no one should ever be held accountable when they say things that could drive LGBT people to suicide because it might drive the offender to suicide?


And OP saying he is gonna cook someones pet won’t?

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So put him on ignore? You gonna follow this guy around for the rest of your life?

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Since when has frequenting the same forum been following someone around?

Big yikes. This has obviously been an on-going problem with the OP - not just once or twice. If he’s done it repeatedly (slurs which likely ‘can lead to suicide’ in the same manner), then the warnings that this individual has given are quite warranted. She’s not a stalker for making sure people are aware of the OP’s past behavior.


Look, I’m not going to try and defend what you may or may not have said, but clearly there are people that are engaging in some fairly serious harassment on you. For starters, I would read up on this link and report the people that you think are harassing/stalking you. Make sure to include that Tumblr link in the report as well.

If people actually thought what you were doing/saying was bad, they would just report you and let Blizzard deal with it. The fact they have to keep following you around and even create a separate site to track you is beyond creepy.


People should be free to post without being harassed.

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It had screenshots of what many different people said, and some text saying that some achievements match, or some nonsense.

Guys stop arguing with them, I said I was silenced after I used it for 1 month and I got warning from Blizzard too, this people are just trolls wasting time trust me. Its been 5 months same thing rotating.

They are just mass flagging my posts and so on, this people has nothing else to do trust me, 24/7 or more are literally tracking, waste of time arguing with stone.

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I’ve been trying to get banned on these forums for about 3 months

Keep telling yourself that.

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Omg I love this! Hahahaha!


I agree with every word here. Especially the last line. I mean, can’t we all hate the haters without becoming abusive. I mean all we really want is to be left alone.

Ok, thanks for letting me know?

You had me at horde…

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First of all, don’t agree with me

Secondly, I think if homophobes can’t take being called a homophobe they probably shouldn’t be a homophobe. I’m going to call them out and yell at them until they go away.


You’re welcome!!! :))))))

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I can’t help it, I like both MG and WrA. They just have different faction populations than each other. :wink:

You have said some pretty hurtful things from what I’ve seen.

It’s not right to be harassed for it, but I don’t blame the people who hold you accountable for your words.


This is my favorite thread I’ve been apart of thank you