Is the horrific DT removal rolled back? Didn't see it on the latest patch notes

Just wondering, since MM is completely dead without it and BM is D tier.

no its going live next week

Im baffled how they have had no communication about this massive change to the class. I would love to hear the mindset behind thinking that a 10%cdr talent is a sufficient replacement for our most important offensive cd.


its just 0 consideration for pvp, in pve hunter will be fine, in pvp it already suffers badly and will just completely die, even the noobs know it, gona be honest DT was never even that good that’s why the class is just worthless anyway, I feel dumb to multiglad this class in SL, was my comfort class from BC back in the day tho before I quit, but each spec just feels super weak, consistently getting out damaged every game almost LOL is not fun, mm does decent dmg but again its just gone

i sure hope blizzard replaces double tap with triple tap so we can go from z tier to y tier.


10% CDR on 2 spells is nice

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Probably should also remove Abom Limb, Combustion, Deathmark, Avatar, Wings, Arcane Surge, Stormkeeper, and Metamorphosis while we’re at it. Would only be fair.


Unpopular opinion here, but I feel like the reason Double Tap is being removed is because of its synergy with Lock and Load. You’d trigger Lock and Load, fire an instant Aimed Shot, hit Double Tap, then hard cast a second Aimed Shot that would then fire a third Aimed Shot. These could then also trigger talents like Serpentstalker’s Trickery, Deathblow, and Legacy of the Windrunners. Deathblow and Legacy wouldn’t proc every time when a Marksman fired three Aimed Shots in just a few seconds, that’s still a lot of potential baked into one single cool down beyond just making your next Aimed Shot fire again.

Now, does this mean that they should have attempted to split PvP and PvE, since I’m fairly confident this change is mainly directed at PvP? Maybe. I don’t play Marksman a whole lot, and PvP even less. Take everything I just said with a grain of salt, but to me that’s why Double Tap is getting removed. Too much (potential) damage in a minute cool down.

Yeah, we can tell when you mentioned using DT on AS instead of RF


It still boils down to the same thing:

Too much damage on a single player at once on a short cool down, especially since Deathblow can be triggered off Rapid Fire. You’re arguing semantics at this point.

tfw the devs give more explanation for why they’re changing herbing than they do for removing DT :rofl:

Overload Elemental Deposit and Overload Elemental Herb has been slightly redesigned:

  • Overloading cooldown is no longer modified by gathering mining or herb nodes.
  • Overload is now taught to all Miners and Herbalists after collecting their first Elemental themed node.
    Mastering the Elements unlock point now restores Overload cooldown reduction functionality.

Developers’ note: Overload offers the occasional moment to allow gatherers to not only change up their gameplay, but also to gain a nice bonus of extra elemental reagents. Requiring a specialization investment to engage with the system felt too restrictive and also did not offer all Gatherers the same opportunity to try something new. By shifting the cooldown reduction onto the unlock point and unlocking the spell for all Gatherers, everyone has an opportunity to participate but also get a better understanding of what the feature is offering before investing points into the specialization tree.


New Talent: Tactical Reload – Aimed Shot and Rapid Fire cooldown reduced by 10%.
Double Tap has been removed and Steady Focus has swapped to its position in the Talent tree.


This is the saddest but most Blizzard thing I’ve seen this entire expac


Blizzard, the incompetent wielders of the nerf hammer. It is so exhausting watching them fix things that aren’t broken while ignoring things that are.

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