Is the dev team lost?

(Beezlebubba) #35

More like half the team is laid off.


The most interesting thing to me about the interview is Ion actually said how many people were working on WoW (300).

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone actually give a number before now, it’s always been in terms of “largest ever,” etc. etc.

(Alockxander) #37

Honestly, I don’t think they are as lost as it might seem at first. I think their struggle is to do big things when their budgets have been axed.

For example: “I have this great visionary idea!” gets followed up by “We don’t have the people, budget or time to do something that big. We have to go smaller.”

(Byniri) #38

I’ve always been someone who has scoffed at the whole “WoW is dying!” mentality for years and years.

This time… idk, something feels different. The amount of bugs in the game, the horrid way the dev team has tried to fix issues, the atrocious faction war story, the outright lies and awful excuses the dev team has spewed, Ion’s existence as lead dev, it’s not good.

(Vera) #39

Honestly they should just enable flying already. But ask this , why not go back to the stuff that worked? It feels as if the current team is lazy in terms of designing meaningful content. That and the narrative team have gotten sloppy and poor at trying to keep players immersed in the story. Usually its just the development , but in BFA the narrative team have been added to the list of failure. They try to tell themselves that everything is ok. But honestly , I’ve never been so freaking bored. Trying to push myself to level alts . Hardly even touched lfr this expansion. Makes you worry about the next expansion , because so far things just get worse. Activision needs to shake things up and get others in charge. Otherwise wow is doomed.

(Cyous) #40

Depends how they handle 8.2 You can usually tell by then if an expansion was abandoned (creativity).

With regards to them making old references, TBC is just old at this point. Going into specifics really won’t help unless you’re arguing a more generalized statement.

Azerite is a core system in WoW. It’s perfectly understandable if they want to improve it. But for me…it’s a game designed around spreadsheets, instead of creativity and fun. Whoever is calling the shots with the “endless grinding” systems has pushed a 15 year WoW veteran away.


This is what I said a few days ago on this very same subject

(Svenska) #42

No thanks.

I don’t want the old content relevant now and I sure don’t want to need a five man group to wipe my rear end.

(Phydeaux) #43

This is why you have MVP cred for me. You aren’t trying to prove others wrong in your posts, you’re stating your opinion and let the chips fall where they may.

(Ryuk) #44

I agree with you on this. I always ALWAYS laughed when people claimed wow is dying. I honestly think that if things don’t improve it actually will die off this time.

Now before the white knights come for my throat, when I say die off I mean the majority of the players just get apathetic and stop caring/playing even if meaningful changes take place.

(Tannaril) #45

Given the show all signs of thinking that turning Horde characters into villains in their own story would be a fun moment for Horde players. I really think they just didn’t understand how it would be for the players.

I have submitted questions to the Q&A about what they were thinking, but they don’t seem to be taking Lore and Plot questions anymore.


With activision firmly in control now, I think WOWs days are very numbered> they dont want to support old games, They want brand new games, no matter if they are bad or good, so they can boost stock prices. Fun be damned

(Pikkarg) #47

Many do. You aren’t the only client here.

I hope not. That said who equates playing a game to wiping their rear end?

(Svenska) #48

The point is lost on you.

In EverQuest you couldn’t so much as breathe without a group. I do not want that, nor does a large portion of the player base.

If I did want that, I’d play a game that had that, much like a relevant old content.

I play Wow now after 15 years, because I like how it is now. I don’t have the inclination to play how it used to be anymore, and I’m certain there’s others in my situation. It’s a balancing act, but I sure af don’t want the old wow back.

(Pikkarg) #49

I’m good actually.

The game restricted your choices because it was designed to be an MMO. You’re not sitting down to play a lobby game.

That you don’t want it is fine. There are literally thousands of single player games with chat box “MMO” qualities out there.

Much like a contrarian in the general forums you seem to want the single player Warcraft game that Blizzard could have made.

That is not the majority of people who play this game.

There are others. Most of those people are long gone. Why are you still here? Don’t you think coming to a forum for an MMO of all things your input is poison? Do you seriously think the people coming to the game now, not 15 years prior are actually looking for community? Do you think it’s your place to tell them to kick rocks?

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I like that, the best I’ve been able to put it into words is “Robotic responses” where they try to solve it in an almost Spock-like manner.

(Pharsalus) #51

Dude, they’re gonna take your green text away if you keep that up.

(Primalmatter) #52

The problem is they have to find a community to make it a positive one. WoW or any game can’t ever come together with a community so fractured and disjointed as it currently is. The best they can hope for until they manage to shrink the number of different camps is hope for small bastions of communities in as sea of silent npc like players.

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This. #firehazzikostas

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