7/10 CN 8/10 SOD (REEE no KT kill). You can scrounge up my post history of my alts that I’ve raided with if it interests you.

Oh yeah you told me that before my bad. But my point still stands. You did not kill Stone Legion (neither did I, joined my guild way late into CN) or Denathrius. Painsmith was a bastard for most so I’ll give you that

KT was easy af tho

My player-skill, commitment, and lack of a solid push group is what holds me back, not my class. I own my progress towards my goals or in the case of Cryptic lack thereof. If that was intended to upset me, you failed.

Yup. That’s why there’s the REEE there. Easy boss but didn’t get there.

I look at something like this (our best KT pull) - and I say… these are “Mythic Raiders”? That’s why I laugh when people try to tell me how elite Mythic Raiders are. You have some actual pumpers pulling big damage and then you have people pulling such small pp dam even in a 8-9/10M guild.

Because there’s so much room for dead weight.

And you tolerate that dead-weight, because you can’t bench people and still meet a 20-man roster on some nights. It’s quite awful.

I like the content, I hate the experience of raiding in these guilds. If we were able to actually sit out some low performers, or even just the threat of sitting low performers, bosses like this would be a kill. Instead, you deal with it until you’ve got enough parses built up to jump to the next highest guild you can jump to.

Yea I also can’t find a M+ group that push that’s what is holding me back from getting Hero, because that’s the easy part.

They should definitely make it flex to help me because I have only 2 more people that can make my group for it. And well we do know that flex will keep the same level of difficulty so it doesn’t matter. /s

M+ is already “flexible” - there’s no Raid ID lock so people are free to hop in and hop out of parties on a whim. You’re floundering bro.

that isn’t what is flex is about, you’re just straigh up smoking your own behind.
Twisting the words to show the obvious bad faith.

Flex is about letting people play the game when people call out. This isn’t a problem in M+ because you can freely PUG slots in M+ without penalty.

Ask someone like Brewa why they might want Flex or what kind of tools they want to defeat roster boss and they’ll probably tell you that dealing with having too few or too many people is one of their primary concerns. This isn’t a concern for keys. Again, you’re floundering.

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Flex flexibility is about the number of people. When it was added normal and heroic content weren’t hard lock and weren’t flex.

If you want to make it about raid ID it’s not about making it flex.

And why do people want flexibility in the number of people?

Think Zoumz, think.


It’s not about what those people want but what the content is about, and what people that currently play it want. Mythic is about a tuned difficulty, like dungeons are by locking you with 5 man. If they were playable at different number of people the difficulty wouldn’t be the same.

If there were flex or 10-man versions of mythic raids, myself and at the very least, a bunch of people I know would be interested in doing them for sure. I would think it would be across the board more people engaging with the mythic raid content.

Many of us are in smaller guilds that do not have the time or energy to harness 25 people (20+bench) to progress in mythic, but we would if it were able to be done with a smaller gorup.


There are other things involved for flex mythic. Re-read my whole post about my comments on the “flexing” part for mythic.

Thanks Wumba, that’s exactly my point how so many guilds can clear heroic but can’t access mythic because raiding in WoW is designed around flex 10-30 man and then the best difficulty behind a 20man roster wall.

Also, from the % of guilds that clear mythic, we only have a lower % that actually reclear all the bosses during that specific season, so the fact that bosses on this difficulty drop gear with RNG seems like a bad approach for those players compared to doing M+.

Allowing mythic to flex would make it easier just by the fact that mechanics would have breakpoints and there will always be ideal numbers. The first few bosses might see higher engagement and less stringent groups but by the time you hit the actual wall bosses, you’ll see groups pretty much hard-set to whatever size makes it the easiest. If you can knock 50-100 pulls off a 250-300 pull boss by having exactly X number of people, then all strategies will be built with that assumption.

We already talked about that but I’d prefer that compared to the current mechanic that limits cores from Mythic :slight_smile:

I think the size should grow, maybe to 30 or so. also difficulty should lower so recruitment doesnt require two written tests and an obstacle course.

That’s what normal and heroic are for.

You’d prefer it when one fight requires 15, then the next requires 22, then back to 18? How is that any better than just a static 20?

Because my core won’t do that, not all the cores do that, Just adap to the difficulty of your group size like normal/heroic, Blizzard already provide a raiding path for players normal/hero then mythic, it should be all 20 Man or all flex just like other games handle raiding.

why 20? they keep adding classes, the size should be going up not down. it used to be 40, then 25, now it’s 20.

Make it 23.5 and you’ve got a deal. Every raid group has one of those guys that is effectively just a freshly defrosted body.

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