Is Skyfury Not Locked?

How is Blizzard going to make that post about locking mega servers and locking servers to prevent them from becoming too big to prevent queues, and then allow Skyfury to continue to add players.

Skyfury now has one of the largest queues amongst the mega servers and there is no where that players can transfer off to.

What’s going on here? Are they just waiting for Asmongold and his groupies to quit?

They should create another fresh server… Maybe an East Coast PvP…


They are pausing for dramatic effect before they write a post starting with the words

“We hear you…”

They do this sh*t everytime. We tell them there’s a problem, they say “you do but you dont”, then later they say “oops guys we hear you…”

Another popular one is “we will do better.”


I tried to log in tonight at around 9 EST. Queue was four hours. I went on Maladath and played until now (11:30) checked on Skyfury again and it was two hours for the queue.

During the week I can play normally but around 3PM I get a queue of an hour +.

I don’t see how this is going to be sustainable.

Maladath is growing for anyone curious. I went there on launch. But then went to Skyfury because there were so many more players.


It’s not locked. I tried to create and character and it gave me no warning either but did show a que. Doesn’t look like anything is happening with this server just yet.

Are you sure the queue is strictly because of population or just a larger % of the server being online at once simply because everyone is leveling and wants to max before EOM?

That would be my thought on why they wouldn’t be locking. Queue is long though and hard to estimate when to come back to accurately. I was disconnected when I came back which is rough.

It is the largest server in NA now

With bene and faerlina collapsing into 2 new servers… skyfury is now significantly larger than both.

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Can you believe all those people who said fresh server was dead on arrival?


Blizzard has said Skyfury is fine and that if they split it would kill that server

[Classic] The unacceptable state of Classic servers - Community / WoW Community Council - World of Warcraft Forums (

Wouldnt be the first time Blizzard misjudged a situation


Yes. Population and queues will plummet once this happens.


We dont pay to wait on streamers to have their turn first before we can have reasonable access and performance.


You heard it here boys, blizzard says everything’s fine! Not being able to log in and play your character is irrelevant!


skyfury has the smallest qs out of all the servers, nice try tho, Bene/grob are highest wait times, faerlina 3rd, skyfury is quick compared lol

I do think it would kill the server for sure…

But letting off a couple thousand who are finding pvp to not be fun and letting them head to maladath would probably be fine.

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Apparently you haven’t been paying attention the last 48 to 72 hours…

That’s absolutely no longer the case.

Bene and faerlina are way down and skyfury is way up.


I play on both, i have a 70 on sky fury and grob/arena 70 on bene, and no bene/grob is about twice as long to get in

Bene has the highest population in NA…skyfury is not even close to having that pop.

more like people were used to 30 min wait times now they have a bit more.

Bro. I literally just checked them 2 hours ago

Faerlina queue 2.7k
Bene queue 3.5k
Skyfury queue 8.9k

You are lost bro


he is probably looking at a couple of weeks ago screenshot anyone with a shred of honesty can go log in and see how HORRIBLE a 3-4 hour queue to get in Skyfury is

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When I tried to log into Skyfury yesterday, the queue was at 9.5k, and over 4 hours.

I don’t think the other mega servers are hitting this number or wait time any longer because of the amount of players who took advantage of the FCM.

Blizzard can’t come out and make a blue post about locking servers to prevent them from having a queue and then do nothing for Skyfury…

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Yep. 100%

Idk what grobb queue is . It could be massive.

I do know bene and faer are way lower now.