Is it true we got trolled? (M+)

I read somewhere that the dungeons we currently have were the result of a vote/polling. And that the voting was trolled.

Lol is this true? Although it’s extremely annoying and I believe the game to be ruined at this point… I still think that’s pretty funny XD

Small indie game company.


nah, it’s just people being salty the dungeon they wanted didn’t get picked.

or they thought they did but they didn’t.


Out of curiosity since I don’t do mythic…what dungeons are these and what is wrong with them?

We don’t know by how much. But certainly some people did troll it.


People complained about certain ones on the list and those got voted for. You do the math


The WoD dungeons in M+ were left up to a poll. Iron Docks and Grimrail were the winners.

I’ve personally got no beef with Docks. It’s not exciting, but it’s not an inherently bad dungeon either. Solid B - in my books.

Grimrail Depot is the one that people have issue with. It’s incredibly linear, EXTREMELY cramped (which is a big deal since affixes like quaking need you to be able to spread out) and the bosses are pretty meh.


I agree, but I’d gladly take it over all the other WoD dungeons. Shadowmoon, Everbloom, Auch, and Skyreach are ick. Bloodmaul is ok, but doesn’t stand out from the other three. Which leaves us with Iron Docks, Grimrail, and UBRS.

Between the three of those it’s an easy pick of Iron Docks and Grimrail.


Grimrail made the list.

That’s some grassy knoll level conspiracy stuff there.

It was the obvious choice.

where do y’all read all this stuff??

Grimrail is easy but hard to see.

Lower Kara is painful.

Others seemingly fine, Mechagon mostly so.

I personally love the dungeons that we got. The only one I haven’t done is Grimrail, so, I’ll have to see how that plays out, but the other two were absolutely fantastic choices.

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When I saw Kara I knew the pain was coming. Legion dungeons are something else toward bosses and Kara was a bit crazy back then.

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It’s a conspiracy theory. Grimrail won because it’s the most memorable dungeon from WoD among casuals.

It’s not a great fit for M+ but there’s no evidence the poll was actually tampered with to any significant degree. People are just upset they didn’t like the winner and want someone to blame.


“there’s no evidence” except people claiming themselves they did it by using multiple characters to vote. Like you can upvote or flag with multiple characters on the forum the same post.


Hard disagree.

I don’t care what dungeon got chosen by poll but Auch and Grimrail are the worst 2 designs for M+ out of all WoD dungeons, Grimrail far moreso than Auch.

I mean Kara is fine mechanic wise, just super overtuned right now.

You can fix it by fixing the numbers. You can’t fix Grimrail, it’s entire design is antithetical to how M+ works.


Trolls love to claim responsibility for things that upset people.

But claiming responsibility and actually being responsible are not the same thing.

It’s just weird to say it didn’t happen. When the question should just be by how much.
Even with no proof of multiple voting (even if someone admits to it) people can just vote for a dungeon “to troll” by choosing which dungeon would be worse for them. Hence voting in bad faith.

That’s what I love about it and probably why it was chosen. No tricks. No skips. No BS. Just can you or can you not plant your feet down and eat this horse and Gordian knot it?

Personally I wish we had Vault of the Wardens and Darkheart Thicket to represent Legion. Karazhan just isn’t that good when you remove the nostalgia, it’s just mechanically frustrating and pretty much every mechanic was, and is, a 1-shot.

And instead of Mechagon Workshop, they should have just rolled all of the Rings into Junkyard and given us anything else, like Waycrest Manor or King’s Rest. Those dungeons were actually fun. Workshop is the most boring, mechanically uninteresting dungeon in all of BfA