Is it true transmog restrictions will be reduced

I heard in the next patch or expansion, transmog restrictions will be reduced. For example A paladin will be able to transmog cloth or mail parts, as long as that account owns it. Is that true?

No, or at least, not exactly.

What is happening is that if you get a weapon or armor drop, and sell it, you will add it to your Transmog collection, regardless of class. The only exceptions to this are Class-Tier, those remain unaffected by the incoming system.

Ahh this is buried in the WW event patch notes, not sure Darkheart is the intended deployment for the new mogging rules or the main expansion itself. A deep dive into the said patch notes should be considered.

Anyhow, when a toon in your account earns a piece or sells it. It somehow unlocks the appearance for the toons that can use it, but cross mogging armor types e.g. cloth covering a plate type such as shoulders might not be in their range intentions atm methinks.

Most weapons can cross mog their types, staff/polearms as such can do so but within the 2 handed rule sets & 1 handed cross mog rule sets respectively. Daggers/fist weapons have their own cross mog rules as well.

No. If it was, I’d be less grumpy and ragey.

They will grant the ability for everyone to learn everything, so the armor type of your alt that is appropriate can then mog it.

Example - My rogue gets a nice shield to drop. Obviously, I cannot equip shields. I will however now be able to ‘learn it’ so that my alts that can equip shields can transmog it.

This is good because everyone I know (myself included) howls with frustration when you run a dungeon or old raid and that one piece of loot you’ve been trying to get on your plate-wearer finally drops…for your clothie.

This will solve that problem. Your clothie can now learn it, so your plate-wearer can mog it.



Personally I’d prefer that they don’t let cloth wearers be able to trans plate on top.

It is selfish, i know, but one thing that made me feel good about maining a warrior for RP is the fact that I can wear all of it. Have any look, where mail and below must live with their restrictions.

Restrictions are being reduced for everyone but Blood Elves, for whom they are actually increasing.


Another addition, is if you complete a campaign quest that has a set associated with it you unlock the appearance for all the armor types.

So, using Emerald Dream campaign.

I completed it on my monk and picked up the leather campaign set, however, to receive the plate/mail/cloth I would have to complete it on the class that wears those armors. The new update, I complete it on my monk and I unlock all the armor plate/mail/cloth appearances.

I hope it applies retroactively like when the transmog system first got released because there’s some appearances I want but I don’t want to do the campaign quests again.

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I wonder if the Dracthyr are perhaps part of the reason a wider transmog change hasn’t rolled out yet? They have, so far, only been needed to visually model cosmetic and mail items. I’m wondering if the effort of figuring out what shows and what doesn’t on the model is holding such things up for all of the older races.

No. You just unlock any armor type on any armor type.

Mogging restrictions are becoming less of a big deal these days with how many cosmetic sets we are getting. So I’m less frustrated with it. And more cosmetic free mog sets will only help with mog limits.

Come back to WrA >:C

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Too many Gnomes asking for Child Support, he can’t.

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Thank you for the sensible chortle, Gentarn.

I totally should. Thank you. I miss you folks. I think I will. I got bored with lack of alliance in Stormwind and other alliance areas. That’s my biggest gripes with moonguard and WRA. I think they should greatly strengthen those servers, and combine the two. Infact they should combine Emerald Dream, Moon Guard, And Wyrmrest, and Greatly Strengthen the server to withstand WPvP or it’s high population. That would be amazing.

Not gonna lie, it being small is why I like it here but would like to see you back.

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But the Horde seems to outnumber ya’ll in WPvP. Does that still happen?

The last time I was in WM was like a year ago and the rare times where I seen anyone was Alliance phased from Moon-guard. I don’t really do WPVP anymore, the only PVP I do these days is the Blitz and sometimes RBG’s.