Is It Safe To Say It's Not Just Nostalgia?

It’s amazing how you can determine this to be true without any proof.

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So in the case of Classic, it’s still just nostalgia.

Why? Because you only get 1 first time. After that you know where the ammo is, where the upgraded weapons are, where the zombies are hiding, and the best ways to kill them. Which is why games make sequels and game studios create new games.

You can’t recapture the mystique of the “struggle” of being new and knowing nothing by going back and playing the original version again. You’ll quickly see, because you know how things work now, that most of the struggle was just terrible designs and broken classes.

I’d rather have vanilla version of that than BFA’s version of it


Omg i forgot about that cancer wall of crap! Feels so good to see people have to eat that post!

Well if you do the exact same quests with the exact same class in the exact same way every time, I mean that’ s just you being silly. And kind of the point I’m making. Those who are attracted to Classic aren’t looking for a power leveling meta. It’s not just a sprint to the finish line followed by an endless grind. They are in it for an interactive journey.

In regards to “knowing where the ammo is” in WOW Classic that’s not really a thing. Because in both classic & retail, drops are not guaranteed or fixed outside of elites & bosses. Most of the mundane materials you will be collecting are a % chance from mobs, so there is no guarantee that “If I kill 3 birds, I’ll have enough meat to make food to get me through this next quest chain”. You might have to wait for more birds to respawn, or you might have to go and kill something else to cook. Depends on your drop chance, thus making it slightly different each time.

On top of that the fighting itself along the way is more engaging. For example, I would rather spend 15 minutes killing 25 plainstriders for their beaks in classic, kiting them, eating food, drinking pots, making sure not to pull too many, etc etc…iin an engaging fashion. Far preferable to spending 5 minutes killing on 20 plainstriders, but having it be a braindead grind.

See despite what people on Reddit and most MMO forums today, I don’t think the majority of players want to cash out mentally when they play a video game. If offered the choice between a game that is engaging and at least moderately grueling for 80-90% of the time with very little down time, versus a game that you can play while watching netflix the vast majority of the time…I’m willing to bet my life the vast majority of players in ANY genre will take the first option.

There are also multiple of the same type of other threads made daily too, but that doesn’t mean they should be flagged.

The World of Warcraft forums are for discussion of topics directly related to World of Warcraft.

This is a discussion directly related to World of Warcraft.

You disagreeing with an opinion isn’t trolling.

Nostalgia is like a drug. Once the high passes people will start seeing Classic for what it really is.

You will not be able to step away and then come back and go into a new raid in classic. It takes that entire time to gear up, remember you have 40 people sharing 3-5 items per boss and no tokens (even wasted other faction specific drops). If you want to get into each new raid as it is released it will require weekly raiding in order to be ready for the next content

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Lets not pretend the pro-Classic crowd isn’t constantly making similar determinations without proof. But suddenly its needed.

Multiple threads on the same topic, regardless of topic, is spam. And should be flagged accordingly.

What do you feel is the purpose of the Classic Subforums? Why do you feel they were created?


All I know is that I will be coming back for Classic. While I would not touch BFA with a ten foot pole.

All I know is I will continue to play BFA, and would not touch classic with a ten foot pole.

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Well that is your choice and I respect that. You could at least respect mine.

How do you feel I am not respecting yours?

I didn’t claim it as an objective fact. This is what I believe. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe I am.

Why pivot the argument on the argument that other people are making instead of the argument that’s being currently argued?

Can you show me multiple threads where a thread that literally copies the title and the body exist in multiple iterations?

People can post about Classic in the Classic subforum, however, because Classic WoW is also a discussion related directly to World of Warcraft it’s not in the wrong forum. At this point I’ve seen so many Classic threads in GD die without being moved by the moderators.

Same. It’s impossible for me to be nostalgic about Vanilla when I didn’t play back then. Even during Wrath I remember people talking about how great it had been. I can’t wait to try out Classic and see for myself. I’ll be like the Noob in Nixxiom’s videos, but that’s ok. :grin:

Yet here you are, subscribed to it…

Of course you didn’t claim it be an objective fact.

Very rarely when people make a normative claim, people state “I believe it is true” or affirm the truth of a statement directly.

But you imply it to be true. It’s common sense.

Good point. I shouldn’t show the Classic Defenders to by hypocrites. It might make their “community” look bad. And I know how important that is.

Can I show you multiple threads that talk about classic streamers? and that talk about Classic being a real RPG? Or talks down on the anti classic crowd?

You bet I can.

You are right. The Classic posters can totally continue to show how poor their community is by ignoring basic forum etiquette.

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Do you get like this when your friends say “chocolate ice cream is bad” and then don’t follow it up with “in my opinion?”