Is dampening really needed?

This is an ignorant analogy

In arena as a healer you have to worry about 2 dps, doing damage to your 3 man team, Its not just pure ST

You have to expend cds for these other 2 players ontop of cds for yourself

Getting trained in Wpvp as a solo healer, healing 2 dps means you only have to expend cds on yourself leaving you with more options to cycle through for a longer time

ALL of that ignores that some healers have passive mitigation stronger than a dps

Edit: Just so you know also, me and my arena parter as a 2 man can kill any healer in the game by ourselfs in the vacuum situation you described, Its really not that hard just line cc up well and they die after trinket

I don’t think he’s looking at this correctly. Other than duels and world pvp, there are no situations where you’re literally solo for an extended period. Talking about being able to solo a healer is the wrong conversation.

Except if people trade cds properly and with decent disruption you can stop goes instead of just face tanking the dmg like my example.

I’m looking at this just fine. Current game just isn’t designed to handle arena without dampening and unfortunately pre dampening was just horribly long arena matches

So what is your justification for people getting globaled in openers (with overkill) when dampening is at 10%? And to that effect, people getting swapped to and dying. Is it ONLY because of dampening? I’d bet on that answer being No.

Dampening has not changed; abilities and class mechanics have. There have been other times in this game’s history where damage wasn’t this high. Burst meta wasn’t a thing for the most part. Melee and caster meta’s have been interchangeable throughout the years as well. They haven’t even tried this meta with no dampening, or even capping it at a low percentage. They just port their current iteration of dampening across multiple expansions and patches without any adjustment.

People not pressing their I live buttons mostly

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Youre just describing regular arena gameplay at this point, after they expend cds then it falls on the healer too. Thats where the design is at

dampening brings the game to the same conclusion but unnecessarily while also being very specifically toxic for specific specs compared to others

It shouldnt be the first go to solution to change sustain in pvp at all, it should be the last and most lazy bandaid one

Healers can die to current damage damp or no damp in ladder very easily to 2 good players

Even in wpvp

and even if they couldnt, then just nerf them specifically rather than blanket nerfing every single aspect of healing throughput at the same time

I’d prefer if they removed dampening and made a similar debuff that targeted mana regeneration of healers instead. Or just made dampening affect healers alone.

Dampening disproportionately penalizes hybrids and unfairly rewards classes whose defensives don’t revolve around healing.


You’re like a god mode fistweaver though

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Healer mana begins to drain at 1% every 5 seconds

Dampening and mana existing is fail in development and combat devs not evolvling gameplay.

Dampening favors anything with absorbs which makes disc priests a lot more versatile as stacks start mounting. Really bad planning IMO.

Dampening affects absorbs.


Dampening favors pure dps specs.
Not enough all hybrid healing is tuned to the ground because streamres are BabyRage someone is smart enough to use self heal and not die.

Game literally tuned for RMX

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This guy who posted the dampening “changes” thinks too literally lol. The concept hasn’t changed for years. Ugh…this is why we can’t get anything done. I think he exists purely to attempt to create an argument out of nowhere.

dampening has always been a lazy solution to balance healers vs dps.

Crazy how there’s no damp in wrath and games still end in a reasonable amount of time…

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I don’t see double Hybrid Comps in 2S anymore because they have 0 chance to survive with dampening. Also not so much deffs like pure DDs.

Try to heal with an Elemental Shaman.
It’s a JOKE!!

99,9% of all comps left are Heal+DD in 2s (mostly Assassin+Disc or Demo+Heal)

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imagine 20min bfa games but x6 in a shuffle

yes blizz do it, the tears would be delicious

No you dont lol